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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Juneau. But this may be of interest to you.
Film, Music, and Art

Clip: Angels Over America

A guy is running from the devil, tired and without strength, the Holy Mary is revealed to him, but she doesn't help him, someone else appears and shows him that he has himself and that's all he needs.
by Ishmael, Mexico City
33% funded
CHF 505 pledged
20 days to go
Music and Performing Arts


Eine japanische Sängerin performt einen Zustand. Schauspiel, Gesang, Saxophon und ein Keyboard als künstlerische Kommunikatoren einer fulminanten One-Woman-Show.
by Manami Okazaki, Tokyo and Vienna
71% funded
EUR 6’477 pledged
4 days to go

Un lit d'hôpital motorisé

Ce lit d’hôpital permettra à un Dominicain en fin de vie de retrouver le confort de la position assise pour manger ainsi que pour ses soins médicaux en toute ergonomie.
by Alba-Nelly et Bertrand, Higuey
18% funded
CHF 200 pledged
3 days to go
Community and Education

School bus for Mongolia

15'000 kilometers, 17 countries and 40 days driving time. As the «Beo Boys» team, we travel from Switzerland to Mongolia – and hand over our VW bus there to a children's charity for further use.
by Verein, Thun and Ulaanbaatar
67% funded
CHF 5’077 pledged
10 days to go

Returning to Santa Rita

Santa Rita is a Colombian village, which has been heavily affected by the war. This project wants to support the women's association of Santa Rita in their effort to support the return to the village.
by Leonie Mugglin, Santa Rita
100% funded
CHF 2’208 pledged
10 days to go

A Painter Must Wait

A one-year long performance in monochromatic confinement. An artistic experiment with time and visual perception.
by Marcin Lodyga, Berlin
1% funded
EUR 449 pledged
3 days to go

Help the athlete!

We need help for the athlete in his recovery after a serious injury and the resumption of a sports career, high-quality training and participation in the European and World Championships.
by Aliaksei, Myadzyel and Minsk
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
24 days to go

CD Hertel-Cellokonzerte

Mein langgehegter Traum, die beiden wunderbaren Cellokonzerte von Johann Wilhelm Hertel (1727 – 1789) mit einer CD-Produktion einem breiteren Publikum zugänglich zu machen, ist nun fast realisiert.
by Bettina Messerschmidt, Saalfeld
86% funded
CHF 4’410 pledged
2 days to go

Help for flights

Due to last minute complications and our intention not to cancel the 2019 summer tour with Marco Antonio Fernandez we are now in a position where we have to buy him new last minute flights tickets.
by Del Sur Tango, Stuttgart
37% funded
EUR 300 pledged
5 days to go
Exhibition and Photography

Ausstellung Shaping Colours

Es ist schon länger mein Traum eine eigene Ausstellung zu machen. Ich wurde während dem Fotografieren von der Injugi in Basel angesprochen um dort meine Fotos zu zeigen. Somit ergriff ich die Chance!
by Lucie Anderrüti, Basel
102% funded
CHF 1’540 pledged
25 days to go
Photography and Publishing

«MEN – A story of Boys»

MEN * is a Photographic Body of Work Portraying the Story of Young coming of age Boys & their Masculinity. Theire problems, dreams and ideas in a world with strict Binary views of gender and Manhood.
by Ernesto, Basel
36% funded
CHF 900 pledged
28 days to go
Performing arts and Literature

«Sie liebt»

Wir bringen Karin Hobi-Pertls ersten Roman «Sie liebt» auf die Bühne. 8 Laiendarsteller erwecken den Liebesroman, der gar keiner ist, zum Leben. Wir wollen gehört und gesehen werden – helft uns dabei!
by Karin Hobi-Pertl, Chur, Davos, and Basel
21% funded
CHF 1’300 pledged
18 days to go