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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Syracuse. But this may be of interest to you.



NEW CD – Deutsche Reise

by Silvia Puggioni

Realization of the new album by the Puggioni-Sanna duo entitled Deutsche Reise: a trip to Germany in the early 1900s with Alban Berg, Max Reger, Paul Hindemith and Hans Poser.

EUR 816
32 %
25 days to go

Exhibition and Art


Artist in Residence Milan

by Federico Vecchi

Via Farini Artist in Residence offer the great opportunity of international visibility to my work and professional networking to help me in the development of my career.

EUR 7’160
71 %
7 days to go

Publishing, Kids / Youth, and Literature


Es ist mein Traum, ein Kinderbuch zu veröffentlichen. Meine Kinder lieben Vorlesebücher und irgendwann hatte ich die Idee für ein eigenes Kinderbuch. Ich möchte Kindern Freude und Werte vermitteln.

EUR 67
0 %
39 days to go

Agriculture, Environment, and Animals


Dieser alte Verzasca-Berg, der aus Ställen und Steingebäuden besteht und keine Straße hat, muss restauriert werden! Eine Associazione («Pro») von Freiwilligen engagiert sich. Helfen Sie uns :-)

CHF 3’730
41 %
32 days to go

Music and Festival


Tastentage Klosters 2023

by Kulturgesellschaft Klosters

Small but excellent festival with musicians on keyboard instruments, with international stars and national top performers on piano, accordion, organ, etc. in various venues in Klosters, Easter 2023.

CHF 17’526
87 %
7 days to go

Publishing, art, and Literature


Kunst BERGen

by Guggeratsch

Kunst BERGen ist eine literarische Kunstreise mit 24 Prosatexten von Bettina Gugger übers Kunstschaffen in einer Bergregion. Die Publikation erscheint als Kalender, illustriert von Svenja Gansner.

CHF 2’590
103 %
12 hours to go

Music and Art

Chur and Lausanne

«Flower» is the second EP by Julie Fox and describes the colourful bouquet of five songs that I have composed and arranged herself over the last few years.

CHF 4’050
81 %
18 days to go

Publishing, Environment, and Education

Safiental GR

Learning From The Earth

by ILEA, lenawitschi, and Johannes M. Hedinger

What can we learn from the earth? A Publication on the co-existence of humankind and the planet, based on the current art, education and research activities of ILEA in Safiental, Switzerland.

CHF 4’810
24 %
6 days to go


Bucharest and Geneva

This short fiction film explores the topic of guilt and responsibility in post Nazi Romania.

CHF 100
0 %
4 days to go


Gryon and Gryon


by Yannos

Un mini cinéma itinérant en plein air, transporté en vélo électrique dans différentes endroits insolites

CHF 270
27 %
31 days to go

Food, Fair Trade, and Community


Glougloubus – Travel Bar

by Glouglou Event's

Participe à la création de ce projet fou, ou boire l’apéro dans notre bus donne accès à l’eau potable, tu le crois? Et pourtant c'est vrai..! Rejoins-nous dans cette incroyable aventure GLOUGLOUBUS.

CHF 23’915
79 %
19 days to go

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education



by Neno

Contribuez à rendre la santé mentale plus accessible. Accompagnez-moi dans la méthode de prévention que je mets en place, pour redonner une place à la psychologie lorsqu’elle est la plus efficace.