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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Venice. But this may be of interest to you.
Publishing and Literature

Der Figaro von St.Moritz

Ich habe die Leinen gelöst, die Coiffeurschere abgegeben und mein Leben neu erfunden. Über all das habe ich ein Buch geschrieben, und um das zu veröffentlichen, brauche ich eure Unterstützung.
by Figaro, Saint Moritz
14% funded
CHF 1’129 pledged
10 days to go

Support Red Queen's Album

We are on the last mile to get our full album production. There are 8 songs on its way to you! We just need our last CHFs to finalise the recordings and the mix, before you get it!
by Red Queen, Chur
361% funded
CHF 3’977 pledged
28 hours to go
Performing arts and Literature

«Sie liebt»

Wir bringen Karin Hobi-Pertls ersten Roman «Sie liebt» auf die Bühne. 8 Laiendarsteller erwecken den Liebesroman, der gar keiner ist, zum Leben. Wir wollen gehört und gesehen werden – helft uns dabei!
by Karin Hobi-Pertl, Chur, Davos, and Basel
21% funded
CHF 1’300 pledged
16 days to go
Fair Trade, Community, and Environment


Sei dabei bei der Aktion #kaiplaschtikmeh. Bis Ende Jahr sollen 10'000 Taschen selbst gefertigt werden und an alle verteilt werden, die bereit sind, dafür auf Plastik zu verzichten.
by donnadacqua, Chur
3% funded
CHF 1’490 pledged
23 days to go

Jasmine Giaquinto first EP

My heart leaps every single time I say loudly that I’m recording my first EP, consisting of new songs written by myself. I need your support in order to let this dream come true.
by Jasmine Giaquinto, Bellinzona
30% funded
CHF 925 pledged
19 days to go
Music, Community, and Sport


CIAO! Se ti piace la musica, la mobilità lenta e fare party La BOOMBOOMBIKE fa il caso tuo! siamo una piccola associazione di Carona-TI (quelli della colazione in piazza, dei party alla cava ecc...).
60% funded
CHF 6’600 pledged
12 days to go
Performing Arts

Young Lab – MORGEN project

We are back! Third year of life and third production. Morgen is a theatre piece for Young Audiences that stages 11 characters who are looking for an utopic future in a post-apocalyptical setting.
by YoungLab, Lugano
86% funded
CHF 4’334 pledged
11 days to go

Lago Mio artist residency

Above the roofs of Lugano in an old house, we opened an artist residency with very little money. Now we are collecting to pay tribute to the work of our first guests in an exhibition with a catalog.
by Lago Mio and Benedikt Wyss, Lugano
51% funded
CHF 3’595 pledged
11 days to go

Progetto «Munay Sonqo»

Creare uno Spazio Olistico aperto a diverse Tecniche terapeutiche e Filosofie del mondo: Yoga, Meditazione, Musicoterapia, Cerimonie tradizionali del Sudamerica, e molto altro.
by Ana Mestre, Lugano
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
44 days to go
Film and Music

Noyoco – Debut Album

Our album «Nothing to Lose» is finished. 10 indie pop songs are waiting for you! For the last steps – Vinyl & T-Shirt production and music video for the 3rd single – we need your support!
by Noyoco, Salzburg
149% funded
EUR 5’236 pledged
11 days to go

Selbsthypnose CDs für Frauen

Selbst ist die Frau! Menstruation, Menopause, geringes Selbstvertrauen – typische Frauenprobleme! Meine Selbsthypnose CDs speziell für Frauen, sollen Frauen zu mehr Lebensqualität verhelfen.
by Wellness Hypnose, Arnfels
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
2 days to go
Exhibition, art, and Education

Artenne 25

Die Artenne wird 25. Mit deiner Hilfe richten wir den Scheinwerfer auf den Resonanzraum Artenne mit einer Ausstellung und Klausur zum «Thema ländliche Identität im Wandel».
by Artenne, Nenzing
25% funded
EUR 1’155 pledged
40 days to go