Mestizo 2015

With this crowdfunding campaign, I’m looking for your support to make my work for my fashion collection possible. This collection will be made from materials of high quality and the handcrafted details of Guatemala make the collection special. In the process of this collection I will work with locals what makes it possible for me to help the local economy in my region. My final goal is to present this collection at a fashion week in Europe.


My Collection will be still

The primary goal of this collection is not commercial success; Mestizo is rather meant to be an artistic selection. Bearing the message that Latin America would today not be what it is without its colonization by Spain, its «motherland», the collection speaks for itself. At the same time, it shall work as a link between the interested audience and fashion itself. Last, but not least, this collection shall sustain a poor society by creating new job opportunities in artisanry. The Mestizo collection will melt my work and the one of local artists, who will breathe life into every single piece that forms part of the collection. At the same time, Mestizo shall invite the observer to ask himself: Where are we, and where are we going to. As a society.

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Why am I asking for your help throug Crowdfunding?

The reasons why I took the decision to use this platform are the following:

  1. I’m living in a country where inequality is huge. There are not many rich people living in Guatemala, but there is a lot of poverty as well as a highly corrupt system. There are very few opportunities and the ones that exist, are seized by those who have always been controlling the country, i.e. the politicians and the wealthy/powerful families. This explains why projects like mine never receive anyone’s support. My country does not really invest in education, health or social development, and even less in culture.
  2. As the system in my country does not give me the necessary opportunities, I’ve been looking for patronage abroad. However, the only investors I found were people who wanted to invest with a guarantee of 300% investment return. This is not realistic, because my project is an artistic selection rather than a commercial business

Therefore, in the light of these limits, I consider the Crowdfunding platform as the only channel through which I can reach friends and family as well as unknown sponsors, and ask them whether they would like to support my project. Whether with a small or a big amount, every contribution helps to raise the necessary funds and to reach my goal. The only objective of this fundraising is to support a fashion-art project, and with your contribution you directly valorize my work. The most important aspect of Crowdfunding is the Seriousness with which it is possible to present a project to other people. It is an excellent way to give credibility to the person behind the project. With your help, the entire process for realizing the collection will be financed, a process which starts with the exchanging of my ideas with the artists for creating the tissues, goes on with the buying of more tissues and the other materials, with paying the tailoring, elaborating the «Lookbook», establishing public relations, and, finally, ends with the most important aspect, the performing at a fashion week, including the costs for its preparation and the presentation.

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Collection’s Profil:

  • 25 outfit for women. (totally, 48 single pieces: Dresses, trousers, blouses, sweatshirts, jackets, skirts, etc)
  • All made with hand-woven materials and precious tissues. (Silk, cotton, wool, etc. All of best quality)
  • Addressed to art lovers, people with a good taste and those interested in a different kind of fashion with a historical background.

This artistic collection takes its inspiration from the colorful markets, the traditional fairs, religious traditions, etc. They all show the existing links between the Latin American countries and their motherland Spain. Thus, the name of the collection «Mestizo» (mixed-blood). With this collection, I would like to show, as a designer and artist, the melting between different cultures and styles of life. Thanks to this diversity, Latin America is beautiful, rich in colors and art and has evolved into a unique region known throughout the world.

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My collections

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