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colnaric stands for sustainable streetwear without «green washing». Sustainable, Urban, Fair-Trade, Made in Germany.

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Concluded on 21/9/2020

The Team

Hi, my name’s Fabian and I am 17 years old :-)

Projects have always been part of my life. Even as a child, it was quite clear that I am curious and like to try out a bunch of things. No matter if it involved my own YouTube channel or small cooking shows as well as a few online shops with different products; so far, I’ve already established an impressive résumé.

When I was 11, I decided to become a vegetarian because the sight of a suckling pig while on vacation gave me an actual trauma.

I founded the fashion brand «colnaric», while being completely inexperienced and initially launching this project just for fun, to experiment a little and gain experience.

That was a little over a year ago.

My father Ljubomir Doric noticed my enthusiasm for the project and wanted to support me. Hence, why we decided to take on this challenge together by bringing the fashion label «colnaric – wear the change» into the world. It needed to be something with purpose, that much we knew for sure. Conservation of nature, animal welfare and the fair treatment of people have always been very important to me and one of my goals in life is to contribute something positive.

This is what our brand identity is based on:


I want to make a positive change in the world.

By banishing plastic waste, environmental pollution, child and low-wage labor, hatred and animal cruelty from our earth.

And for that I need your support and the help of my small team.

«What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow.»

(Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

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Hello dear supporters,

I am Ljubomir, Fabian’s father.

Last year, when Fabian told me about his idea, I was immediately intrigued. I told him how important sustainability and a positive message regarding textiles were to me and that I would only support him under these conditions. Since I had a similar idea over 20 years ago and did not realize it, this opportunity felt like a second chance.

I am thrilled to support him with my many years of experience as a freelance media designer but provide him with the needed space to implement his own ideas and experiences.

I am very proud of him and his strength and passion that is moving this project forward and I very much wish that we can overcome the first big obstacle thanks to the support of many people, leading this wonderful and future-oriented project on course of success.

I also want to thank everyone who has supported us so far and continues to support us, e.g. Orlando Noor, who actively supports us in developing the brand, Fabian’s aunt, the great photographer and many friends who got involved as models.

Many thanks!!

Creating something meaningful together!


colnaric stands for sustainable streetwear without «green washing».

Our mission is to be able to wear clothes with a clear conscience. By avoiding child labor, cheap wage labor or polluting the environment with toxins and garbage. Instead, we produce clothing made from organic cotton, under fair conditions, in Germany.


are our core brand values that are reflected in each of our products.

With this promise we want you to make the fashion industry and the world a little better.

The special thing about our project


We produce without child or cheap wage labor or pollution of the environment with toxins and garbage.

Our collection is made from organic cotton under fair conditions - with a traceable value chain.


We are cosmopolitan and feel inspired by the zeitgeist, creativity and the impulses of urban life.

New ideas and trends from the metropolises flow into the collection. Our products are shaped by what moves us together.


We stand for a common economic welfare based on social, ethical and sustainable foundations.

Our GOTS certification is an expression of our efforts to initiate and promote positive changes in our society.


We stand for positive changes and support workplaces where people feel comfortable.

All of our products are 100% made in Germany and we are proud that people with special skills are involved.

That’s why we need you help with it!

The fashion industry is responsible for the second largest CO2 footprint of our current society with 20%. We believe that the zeitgeist is ripe for fair production and working conditions in the clothing industry.

colnaric stands for environmental protection, ecological awareness and chemical-free clothing in urban streetwear.

With the help of our products, we want to contribute with positive things for the world, which is very important to us.

Take part and give our project a chance. Choose your desired amount with the associated thank you and enable us to finance the first large order. By doing so, you are also setting an example and showing that you have less and less desire for pollution and exploitation.

What happens with the money if financing is successful?

The money goes into the first large order of the different hoodies, the environmentally friendly printing, packaging and marketing.

Our Brand Identity in German and English is available here:

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