Color my Geneva – a new look

by Color my Geneva


Color my Geneva’s new challenge is to develop a website which could respond quickly to your expectations in terms of hobbies including the latest Web technology! See the project and why we need you!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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The beauty of Geneva lies in the connections people from different backgrounds with various expectations make. For over 5 years now, Color my Geneva has had a mission: to provide access to the rich cultural offer in Geneva.


Color my Geneva is a website with an agenda and advice related to entertainment in the city.

The website takes you on journey through Geneva with its agenda, various contests and a news about what’s going on. But Color my Geneva is most importantly a community which allows all the participants to be active in making the website evolve. Over all, it’s a project that is perpetually reinvented to better serve your needs! All of the above requires an investment that can not be done without the precious help of our community! offers the possibility everyone in the «Big Geneva» to upload their events for free visible by more than 10’000 visitors per month.

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The team is composed by passionate people who have all the same will to color Geneva. All the members of the team do their best to illuminate your hobbies!

  • Melissa is in charge of all the commercial activities.
  • Evelyn is the # queen. She takes care of Community Management on Instagram, Facebook et Twitter.
  • Audrey is a journalist and she spots news and tips in Geneva.
  • Clarissa makes sure the website is working and manages the back-office.
  • Sophie is our accountant.
  • Yousri is the project manager and the only male of the team.
  • Samira is the founder and director. She goes around every day to find new trends in order to keep you alert what’s going on in Geneva.


From the beginning, we have asked you about your expectations. Your needs and wants always evolve and our challenge is to continue satisfying you. The interviews, the surveys and all the exchanges on our social media were very helpful and it has motivated us to continue our mission.

That’s why we took the decision to develop a new website that will fit your needs using the current technologies and that will able to anticipate the new trends. It is really important for us to offer a communication tool which is modern, intuitive and unique in the region.

Today, we offer you the opportunity to be involved in this adventure. Your contribution will make a difference.

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Why we make it?

Our community has been growing for 5 years and is Color my Geneva’s added value.

Our values are interaction, culture sharing, dynamism and innovation. We chose this crowdfunding platform because it combines outreach projects and a modern and elegant website.

Thanks to all of you and see you soon on