Kol et Damien, deux artistes lausannois ont décidé d’unir leur forces pour créer une entreprise spécialisée dans l’art et le divertissement ; Colore Ta Vie

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Successfully concluded on 31/3/2019

Artistic activities in an atypical space

We are two Lausanne artists who want to help you to release and create different emotions using our medium, painting.

Want to let go and be able to express yourself freely?

As artists painters this is what we strive to do every day and we would like to transmit to the greatest number.

That’s why we want to create COLORE TA VIE, a company that mixes art and entertainment in an atypical form, the Color Box.

Our dream is to create a space in which there is no judgment and no notion of result to be achieved.

Whether with your friends, your family, your colleagues, your grandmother, your children or your goldfish, the act of creation is a great way to let go or let off steam.

We want to bring color in your life !!!!

  • Colore tes émotions
    Colore tes émotions
  • Avec tes enfants dans la Colore Box
    Avec tes enfants dans la Colore Box
  • Colore ta fête
    Colore ta fête

Creation of the Color Box

Imagine entering a closed space of 12 m2. In front of you a large white canvas on which you will release all your emotions good or bad with the help of paintings that you will project with different accessories.

For even more fun, your performance will be accompanied by the music of your choice and can be filmed. It will also be possible to take your creation if you wish.

Several original accessories will be at your disposal (boxing gloves, footballs, rackets and tennis balls, small and large brushes, rollers, paint bombs, etc.)

Different activities will be possible in this space such as, team building, courses, birthday parties, aperitifs, stag or hen parties.

A second Color Box mobile will be built and can be installed in various events or unusual places

Your support will serve to

First, you will help to create a Sàrl.

We will design and manufacture two Color Boxes. A fixed first that we will install in our local and a second dismountable with which we can move on different events.

Then purchase different accessories (boxing gloves, brushes, tennis rackets, etc.). Your performance will be filmed, so we need to buy a camera go pro. In order to protect your clothes and your pretty shoes, combinations will be necessary. Thanks to the purchase of speakers, the music of your choice will be broadcast in the box.

Not to mention the liters of paint that will be projected and the square meters of canvas that will be renewed with each performance. Quality lighting will also be essential for optimal visibility. A small seating area will be installed with sofa, table and chairs.

2 color Box: 13,500 chf

Painting equipment: 2,500 chf

Accessories: 1’000 chf

Protective suits: 1,000 chf

Linen and paper 2’500 chf

Furniture + lighting 2’500 chf

Costs of the room 2’000 chf

TOTAL 25’000 chf