Fill Eitorf with colour «First Phase»

We need to have the courage to think differently, to take risks to decide for something exceptional and not that what is safe, wellknown and accepted. This is why I feel that transforming the Hermann Weber Bad into a cultural magnet, a center of art and recreation is a step towards making eitorf a place where people want to visit and even a place where people want to live. This is the reason why I want to introduce this project to make a change for a town that I have learned to love but also a town that i strongly feel yearns for colour, art, passion and creativity.

Ray Wilkins

The local town council of Eitorf has signed a contract with us to install a planned art installation. Unfortunately Eitorf is a poor town and does not have a budget for art. It was decided that we the business people and private citizens of Eitorf would raise the money through contributions and funding programs. We now have 10000euro and need another 5000euro to be able to start the first phase of this project. Altogether we need another 65000 Euro which we are committed to raise to complete the project inside the next 12 months. We are filled with hope, Passion and the belief that art can change our society. Climb onto the boat and sail with us into the artistic waterworld of the Hermann Weber bad.

A unique experiment using Art and interior construction to create a space where Art, form, colour and passion coexist to manifest something that has never before been seen within a public swimming center. We plan eight large artworks 165 x 185 cm painted on two transparent layers of acrylic glass with a third plate of safety glass, framed and sealed to be mounted on a wall 28 meters long that runs along a sport swimming basin. As well as this 2 large glass fiber/concrete fish sculptures 3m x 3m with ceramic inlays that will also function as a bench and resting place. Children and handicapped will also be working together with Ray Wilkins, Dieter Baumann and his team.

Who is Ray Wilkins:

Ray Wilkins is an Australian artist now living in Europe. His work is influenced by his strong connection to the Australian Aborigines. He believes in the emotional aspect of Art. «Art must move the observer, releasing joy, sadness, passion or anger. A work of art that does not stimulate feelings and emotion is not a work of art but a boring piece of decoration» Ray Wilkins.

He specialises in figurative painting his themes being large Faces, Eyes, Fish and landscapes. He has exhibited worldwide and works from his studio and gallery together with his artist wife Cordula Ehms in a small German town 30 miles from Cologne. As well as being an artist he is also a wellknown Coach/therapist, Songwriter and book author.

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My project is special because ...

Eitorf is a small town near Bonn, it is a town that because of the Second World War lost many buildings, when it was built up again nobody noticed that the town was turning into an «ugly duckling» Most buildings were mismatched and the dominant color was grey and brown. Even up to this day and the influence of modern architecture Eitorf is still a grey , monotonous somewhat depressing town. I believe that through color, form and art the town where I live and work will change, starting with a large public building used for sport and swimming I want to bring the heart back to Eitorf. The first step into transforming this town into a vibrant, rainbow coloured swan.

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This is what I need backing for.

The people, business men and women of Eitorf as well as local companies are planning to raise the rest through sponsoring, events and crowdfunding. We believe that art is an imprtant part of our society stimulating the power of imagination and the appreciation of beauty. We know that we are taking up a challenge that is not easy to realise but at the same time we believe in the social spirit of our small, multicultural town and the support of our family, friends and people out there who want to help us turn a vision into a Reality. With this 5500 euros we complete the needed sum of 15000euro to be able to initiate the first phase of this project. Help us to change the colors of Eitorf.

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