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Who What How?

Colour Of Rice is a guitar walking hand in hand with emotions, stories and a voice. The young Singer/Songwriter travels from living rooms to streets, theatres, festivals, acoustic sessions and concert venues with the wish to create and share happiness.

After two records and over a 100 shows, a NEW ALBUM is on its way! The songs are written, the promo & booking agency ECHO with us on board and all we need is a little help from a friend! Be the wind that takes this boat to its goal. With YOUR support, we can make it!


With your support, we’ll be able to finalise this project which holds many costs such as… Recording // Pressing // Promo …and when we’re lucky, also a new Music Video, some Merch and more gigs that we can see each other! Here a few rewards already available…

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See you!

When everything goes well… we’ll release the New Album in spring! With ECHO, we’re planning alot; the release, concerts, promotion to touch many hearts… and maybe, we’ll travel even further with the guitar! Thank you so much for listening, your smiles and emotions we share. I’m looking forward to seeing you live! ;-)

Big hug, Colour Of Rice