Artpop meets vintage synths, rock, minimalism, and folktronica. Drift among the stars and listen to their melodies.

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Thank you for liftoff <3By Clio Em, on 20/05/2023

Dear Backers,

I would like to thank you for helping me make the launch phase of my project a success. I crossed the 1/3 threshold in less than 2 days. this is phenomenal news, and it would not have been possible without your support. Some of you have been sharing Constellate on your socials. I deeply appreciate this. I am also currently featured on the front page of We Make It. Have a look on their landing page and scroll down a bit, and you’ll see some stars! :)

A quick note: the Postcard and Custom Arrangement rewards need your address so I can mail them to you, so please use your mailing address! Otherwise, the rewards are delivered digitally. If you chose one of those rewards and prefer the digital version over the physical, please let me know. (For clarity, I will note here that the Bending Time reward is always offered digitally.)