Abraxas Ensemble presents its 2nd large ensemble event, performing works by Stravinsky, Jarrell, Murail and Hindemith, with live artistic projections.

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Successfully concluded on 30/3/2023

Stravinsky, Jarrell, Murail and Hindemith in concert with live artistic projections

With this new project, Abraxas Ensemble returns to Lausanne under the direction of Eugène Carmona, with 23 musicians in the following program:

  • Igor Stravinsky, Octet for wind instruments (1922-1923)
  • Michael Jarrell, Assonance VI for ensemble (1991)
  • Tristan Murail, Le Lac for large ensemble (2000-2001)
  • Paul Hindemith, Kammermusik No. 1 for orchestra (1922)

Assonance VI and Le Lac will be accompanied by live artistic projections by the ensemble’s graphic designer, Alexandra Cupșa.

Affiche du concert du 2 avril
Affiche du concert du 2 avril

Abraxas Ensemble, creation and mission

Our ensemble is a collective of professional musicians who are ready to take on the instrumental and technical demands of the repertoire of modern and post-1950 music.

Being firmly rooted in the Geneva Lake region, we feel it is our responsibility to participate in the dissemination and promotion of the music of our time, particularly in the Vaud region, where there is great potential for the development of contemporary music.

We are constantly searching for new means of expression, and we aim to create projects highlighting the dialogue between music and other forms of art, such as the visual arts.

Communication is another component of our mission; so, we favor mediation concerts in order to create bonds between performers, composers and the public.

This is what we need backing for!

We finance ourselves almost entirely from grants, as well as from donations such as yours, so your support is particularly valuable to us!

Your support will allow us to cover the costs of performances of contemporary music (performance rights, rental of scores and rare instruments) and, most importantly, it will allow us to remunerate correctly the work of our musicians.

If the funding target is exceeded, the extra money raised will allow the association to cover its operating costs (bank charges, website, etc.) and to organise future concerts.