The web platform at the service of humans

COTC is the first business model in Switzerland offering a webmagazine and an eshop. Give the floor to the professionals to share their testimonies, analyses and advice, in order to benefit from objective and proven information. The transmission of knowledge is essential for our future generations.

Preserve the crafts in Switzerland and Europe, through an eshop entirely dedicated to these professionals of savoir-faire. Knowing the artist, his career, his inspirations, his work is an indispensable way to reveal the humanity inseparable from the qualitative product. It is to extend economic and social support that the platform has a low cost of registration and is available in Web, iOS & Android format.

The 4 ethical codes: Quality - Traceability - Independence - Exclusivity.

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Highlight the differences

Marketing and technological support is omnipresent, as well as a cutting-edge graphic tree. This online service highlights local consumption, with a sustainable vision contributing to the freedom to create on a human scale, responsible, while promoting the richness of differences.

Headings webmagazine: Food Design | Wellness | Culture | Interior Design | Fashion | High Tech | Charity

Headings eShop: Art | Interior Design | Wellness | Fashion | High Tech | Your city

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Such a project requires great human, technological, temporal and financial skills. For the creation and development of the company, as well as the project, several 100% local trades are already at work: 

▪️art direction ▪️graphic design ▪️ webmaster ▪️multimedia developement▪️lawyers ▪️translation▪️ public relations ▪️ marketing ▪️

A team of enthusiasts putting all their expertise in the tree structure of the website as well as the mobile and tablet application. Including security, legal protection, visual identity, graphic design, business management, text writing, recruitment of creators, authors, and more. This has been going on for months, a year and a half exactly, relentlessly. The final phase of implementation has begun, but CHF 30,000 is missing from the project. The total cost of the project is CHF 73,500.

It is important for us to give back, which is why the counterparties propose a significant return on the selected contribution.

With already a growing list of professionals and creators wishing to integrate this colossal project, integrity, transparent, socially and ecologically engaged, I thank you on behalf of the entire team for your involvement.

MY VIEW OF THE SITUATION «Today’s competition demands more and more skills, while demanding a wider range of choice in consumption. The hardest part should be inspiration. There are so many subjects to be addressed, craft techniques to be preserved, creators who do not want to produce on a large scale and who are suffocating from exorbitant rents.  Yet, consumers no longer want to be locked into the inequalities produced by mass distribution and also want a better look at traceability. We also know the importance of the human factor behind the savoir-faire, its history, and the time it takes to produce such a unique, high-quality product. It’s the same love story for a song, singularity must take precedence.» With emotion, Emilie Nana, founder of COTC.