With your support, our first album will have its debut in September!

Unifour is composed of four musicians from Switzerland, the USA, and Germany and music is our passion! Although we all come from different musical backgrounds, we found our common ground in country music. Nearly two years ago, Unifour was born and since then, we have been writing our own songs in preparation for our first full album release.

Under the motto «Composing, Not Copying», last August, we produced and financed our Maxi Single CD «Four Steps Faster». In February of this year, our first video was released with the song «Love Everything About You».

At the current time, we are working non-stop on our debut album. Click on the video below to hear more about Unifour (coming soon in english!)

What it’s about!

It is a joy for us to work together as a band on this exciting project! Our goal is to finance the project as much as we possibly can on our own through live gigs. But, as you know, a CD production is a very costly endeavor! Therefore, through the platform wemakeit, we hope to receive enough support to cover the last portion of the CD production, design and promotion costs.

And this is where YOU come in!

We are asking you and all of your friends and colleagues to support our project!

We have a reward system set up for everyone who participates and every rappen helps! You don’t have to be located in Switzerland to support Unifour! Just look to the right of the screen for more information or you can contact us directly at music@unifour.ch! Thank you SO much for supporting us!!

Es hat für jeden eine Belohnung dabei!

Du kannst uns unter music@unifour.ch jederzeit kontaktieren!