COVID-19 Solidarity Nigeria

by Alexandra Berardozzi

Otuocha and Enugwu Agidi

Together let's support these families who must go out on a daily basis to be able to feed themselves. Since the beginning of the confinement, many are in great need of assistance.

CHF 4’478

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 22/5/2020

Help them for the fight against Coronavirus

Since 30 March, Nigeria, a country of more than 190 million inhabitants, has been confined. The majority of these inhabitants live from daily work to be able to feed themselves on a daily basis. Many of them are currently in dire need of assistance since they can no longer move out to fend for themselves. The little food distributed by the government is not enough and is causing large gatherings which could spread the virus massively.

We want to help locally through our families on the ground to distribute food while at the same time allowing the necessary distancing measures to be respected in the fight against the coronavirus.

What we wish: To allow the people around Enugu Agidi and Otuocha (Anambra State about 4 million inhabitants) to stay at home and to be able to feed themselves

What we don’t want:

  • That people are forced to go out to earn their daily bread…
  • That only few gatherings around food distributions take place
  • Prevent the local population from being fined, imprisoned or injured for failure to comply with the confinement regulation.

Volunteers from our family and trustworthy people are on site ready to ensure the purchase and distribution of food.

It takes about 85 €/90 CHF to buy a bag of rice that can feed a family of 5 people for 1 month.

Help stop massive propagation

By allowing families to stay in their homes, we are helping to slow the spread of the virus. Medical and health care facilities are not the same as in Europe. The spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria, as in many other developing countries, can have catastrophic consequences. At our level, and because we have the possibility to act on the spot, we want to help the local populations who suffer on a daily basis.

Stay at home

We are going to use the money raised to buy food and distribute it locally while respecting the distancing instructions. We communicate with our families and associations on site who tell us what people need every day.