Creation: «Le Petit Prince»

by Marion Halil

Vevey and Aigle

OTHERS company presents its creation «Le Petit Prince», a dance and music performance around Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's legendary story. Enter the tale told by 13 unique dancers and 6 local musicians

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A dance an music creation. First shows on 24th and 25th June 2022 at Salle de l’Aiglon in Aigle.

This piece will last around 80 minutes and will tell the famous and emotional story of «The Little Prince» written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Many children grew up with this book but we often hear that we really understand an appreciate the story as adults. Be ready to get inspired and mesmerized by all this poetry. The creation will reflect all the important themes of the story mixte with the childish touch.

«The Little Prince» calls out on the different faults of society, which are still very accurate nowadays. These faults are represented by strange characters that the Little Prince meets along the way. He visits the planets with great awareness and thoughts about human kind, its bewilderment, its excesses that are bad for its happiness. The journey of this protagonist and every meeting are performed by unique dancers and musicians .

  • The Little Prince - Photo @Arsène Gaillard
    The Little Prince - Photo @Arsène Gaillard
  • Affiche, visuel @Sailor Dave
    Affiche, visuel @Sailor Dave

OTHERS company

OTHERS is a dance company founded by Marion Halil, dancer and choreographer from Aigle. It was created in order to gather on stage local and inspiring dancers and artists. Marion wishes to give artists opportunities to share and learn from one another.

For this creation, Marion Halil surrounds herself with professional artists that she knows well and that share her artistic and human visions. She wants to spotlight these talents that all have their own style of dance, music or visual arts. She also wants to offer them professional opportunities to live off their art.

Every dancer plays a character from the book:

  • Guillaume Coluccia / The Little Prince
  • Mamadou Kalombo / The King
  • Léonilde Torrini / The Lamplighter
  • David Gross / The geographer
  • Shaymin / The serpent
  • Yerainis Moreno / The rose
  • Matteo Santoro / The businessman
  • Chloé Wanner / The Pointsmann
  • Loïc Jorde Borges / The drunk
  • Maxime Marongiu / The vain
  • Charlotte Merceron / The pill seller
  • Noa Zalts / The sheep
  • Marion Halil / The fox
  • Benjamin Lana / The aviator
The Others - Photo @Arsène Gaillard
The Others - Photo @Arsène Gaillard

Your support

Your support will directly help the creation of this beautiful piece. For more precision:

  • The scenography
  • The costumes
  • The musical production
  • The rehearsal and show space
  • The promotion of the show
  • The artists and other collaborators (admin, light, sound, graphisme, etc.)

GIFTS! Chose between the numerous gifts we imagined to thank you for your precious help. Most of them will be sent around 6 month after the show.

Don’t forget that you can also support us with the amount of your choosing without gifts in exchange.

THANK YOU so much for your help and trust, THANK YOU for supporting dance, music, art and culture !

Photo @Arsène Gaillard
Photo @Arsène Gaillard