Fantastic drama. Feature film. Woman Ulya, a refugee from Ukraine, fleeing the war, ended up in Berlin. Strange things begin to happen around Ulya...

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Concluded on 24/4/2023

To see hope through fire.

Russian aggressors attacked my country. As an artist, I can’t escape that. As an artist, I strive to tell the world about the consequences of military aggression in my own way. I wrote the script. It’s not about war heroes. It is about the trauma that war inflicts on people who have suffered bombing and the occupation of peaceful cities….

I shot a teaser for the upcoming film. And here I offer it to your attention. This teaser is meant to showcase the atmosphere, rhythm and general mood of the upcoming film. Subtitles in English or German. You can choose in the settings. Enjoy!

Bring the idea to life!

I feel like I have to tell this story to the world right now. That’s the only thing I’m after right now…

In order to make a film, I need more than professional skills. It takes a great idea, inspiration and a team. And money. Perhaps the amount I indicated will not be enough for the shooting of the film.

But this is not my first film. I know what I’m doing. This is enough for the elementary: attracting professional actors, renting professional equipment, shooting, high-quality editing, advertising, promoting the film at the film festival, and then in cinemas.

Create something new right here, right now!

It is here and now that I can tell the world about my people, about how strong and bright they are. I will be able to tell about what Ukrainians are going through because of the war. That we do not allow this anywhere in the world.

I need your help to turn a dream into a quality product that will give other people an understanding of the world and thoughts. Thank you for your support!