Crème solaire, consisting of Rebecca Solari and Pascal Stoll, is a duo that has been mixing glitch-electro-punk with pop love since 2018. Our new album «Pannenstreifen ist ohne pic-nic» will be released on 05.02.2021 with the labels AuGeil Records and We Don’t Make It Records.

After the EP «Bébé?» (2020, AuGeil Records) and the album «Bleu c’est bien» (2019, self-produced) and after more than 75 concerts in Switzerland and abroad, Crème solaire wants to grow/scream and participate to the world by playing with predefined codes and by confronting each other.



«Pannenstreifen ist ohne Picknick» is a car race at moderate speed. Crème solaire amuses itself with the theme of the freeway as a metaphor for a clean, small, accessible, concrete Switzerland that is always under construction - a Switzerland that hides its conflicts with beautiful roads and light tunnels. The songs on the new album include tutti gusti Schweiz Modus with lyrics in English, Rhaeto-Romanic, Italian, French, German and the Ticino dialect.

The album contains 13 tracks and will be available on various streaming platforms and in physical form on a beautiful vinyl together with a booklet (written by Rebecca) and a photo edition (directed by Thalles Piaget and Samia Charef).

Crème solaire is also preparing an album release at the Nouveau Monde in Fribourg on February 5th, 2021, which will be quite fun and will be filmed and broadcast in March 2021. Finally, a video clip directed by Thymen Goetsch will be the cherry on the cake, interpreting our favourite song «Autobahn/Autobahn»!

Are you there? Are you there? Family?


In view of the health situation, which is annoying and complicated for everyone, our main income, which is generated by the concerts, is at risk, and that is why we need you very much.

This wemakeit helps us to finance: the album mixing, the mastering, the vinyl pressing, the cover artwork, the video clip, the live video of the album release, the promotion and the press photos.

With this great platform we can offer you to pre-order our new album «Pannenstreifen ist ohne pic-nic» at a special price, as well as super merchandising, a house concert, a vegan dinner with us or just support us!

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