Create the first fresh meals for cats and dogs, made in Switzerland with Swiss products

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Successfully concluded on 20/5/2023

The first 100% Swiss fresh food for cats and dogs

Crokeo Gourmet is a range of fresh cooked meals to delight dogs 🐶 and cats 🐱 throughout Switzerland.

In collaboration with our veterinary nutritionist, we have created 4 recipes, 2 for dogs and 2 for cats, ideally calibrated to meet their nutritional needs: proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals, the top to grow up in full shape and good health via an optimal food supply!

Today, we have :

  • Our recipes! Tested and validated with our team of animal nutrition specialists
  • Suppliers! We have found reliable partners throughout Switzerland to supply our raw materials.
  • A team of enthusiasts who are just waiting to embark on the adventure!

To make our project a reality, we need your help.

Your contributions will be used to :

  • buy the raw materials needed to produce your first orders (meat, vegetables, starches, etc.)
  • rent a professional kitchen to enable us to cook in optimal conditions.
  • Equip us with professional machines for, for example, vacuum packing of our preparations and their cooking (professional steam oven).
  • hire a chef to cook
  • develop other recipes
  • refine the packaging and finance the launch communication

Because you are part of the pioneers of the adventure and because this project will become a reality thanks to you, we guarantee you a 10% discount for life on all current and future Crokeo Gourmet products.

Support us by treating your 4-legged friend

A little nutrition point:

Your best friends will be able to eat local and enjoy themselves! Crokeo Gourmet recipes contain…

  • proteins: fresh chicken 🐔 or beef 🐮 (origin: Swiss)
  • fibres for a good transit (rice and lentils)
  • vitamins with the right portion of fresh vegetables (green beans and carrots)
  • salmon oil for omega 3
  • a vitamin supplement to compensate for the loss of certain nutrients during cooking

More recipes are coming!

Everyone has their own tastes, which is why we want to offer other recipes for our little and big four-legged gourmets, which requires a certain investment and will be possible from a certain number of orders.

From 200 pre-orders, we will add our lamb recipe 🐑, declined for dogs and cats and from 400 pre-orders, we will finalise our pork recipe 🐷 (for dogs and cats too!)

The genesis of the project

Our current activity (which has been going on proudly for more than 4 years) consists in proposing petfood (and delivery door step services) for cats and dogs. Our kibbles are made in Switzerland and we prepare each order ourselves with love and care.

Start up based in Lausanne and Zürich

We are a team of 9 people divided between our two offices in Lausanne and Zürich, which we opened in 2021 to develop our activities in German-speaking Switzerland.

Where did the idea for Crokeo Gourmet come from?

It was in response to the growing demand from our «kibble» customers who wanted to offer their animals mixed food (dry and wet) that we came up with Crokeo Gourmet to offer a wet food solution: cooked meals with local products, specially dedicated for pets. The food is steamed to avoid denaturing the ingredients, and vacuum-packed for easy storage, and can even be frozen if required.

Crokeo Gourmet meals can thus be a complete food supply solution for the animal, or a supplement (in the form of half portions) for dogs and cats who already eat kibbles (whether Crokeo kibbles or other brands).

What is the future of Crokeo Gourmet?

Crokeo Gourmet will be available for direct purchase on our website in the form of subscriptions with no time commitment, as is currently the case for our kibbles, and delivered straight to your home.

We will offer a menu of several recipes as well as personalised support to establish the pet’s nutritional profile according to its needs and dietary preferences, in agreement with its owner and any recommendations from its vet.

We are also working on introducing the Crokeo Gourmet range in offline stores to make our pet food accessible to all.

The final word

With your support, Crokeo Gourmet will be able to fill the bowls of all the dogs and cats in Switzerland, thus allowing our animals to eat healthy and local, because they too can do a little step for the planet :)

Thank you all! The Crokeo team