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What it is about?

Open a CrossFit for all different communities, focusing on the black, coloured communities, students of those communities. Being coloured myself, I have had the chance to encounter those communities who would love to come to CrossFit in classes gathering same communities. They would feel more comfortable. I want to bring all communities together. CrossFit is the way to go to bring them together. At CrossFit we support even the last person to finish the workout by cheering him/her until the end!

This is why I need support

I need to pay the affiliation fees to CrossFit (currently under way (submitted mid April and due upon approval mid May) with my future partners who are experienced and highly qualified. They wish to expose CrossFit to all types of people in South Africa, especially the previously disadvantaged). Also do my Level 1 and pay my travelling expenses to do the Level 1 first week of June 2017.



CHF 15.- sticker with my CrossFit name (with the names of my partners) CHF 50.- Tshirt with my CrossFit name and the names of my partners CHF 70.- 1 Sports bra for CrossFit CHF 130.- 1 Men’s shorts or 1 Women’s shorts for CrossFit with my CrossFit name and names of my partners CHF 200.- 1 Men’s CrossFit shoes or 1 Women’s CrossFit shoes and a 2 hour private CrossFit session with myself and my two partners on our visit to Switzerland.