Crowdfunding саиаl 54

by CANAL 54


The cultural coffee саиаl 54 from Geneva is asking for your help today to finance the supplies needed to set their upcoming events in place as well as their web radio WAV-33.

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CHF 12’652

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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4 days to go

Cаиаl 54 needs you!

Cаиаl 54 is throwing a message in a bottle… at lake Geneva. This message calls for group effort and support to obtain the equipment to be used by the upcoming radio, starting September 2022. To state their thankfulness, the team from Canal 54 is ready to display their visual design on the medium of your liking to get ready for the grand opening!

A lively space dedicated to supporting the music scene of Geneva

Cаиаl 54 joins forces with its collective WAV33. Together, they will advertise a series of event across two floors. At the ground level, curators from all horizons will tag team to spread positive vibes and generate a bridge between virtual and personal presence. All this with a consistency as strong as their diversity. In a parallel universe, a cave growls et invites you in. There, you will dive in the intimate yet festive universe of the artists’ second act right after their radio prestation. Thus, a rich lineup bunks up to cross the mysteries of melodic dreams.

Supporting audio, video and logistic's materials

This crowdfunding will help them acquire audiovisual supplies and logistics; their current material being rusted from amazing live-streaming projects such as Le réveil des archives sonores (trad. The awakening of audible archives) at the Ethnography Museum of Geneva and Les résiliences sonores (trad. Audible resiliencies) that brought together hundreds of music lovers with extraordinary ears!