let’s nada + dress dada + freeentree: jee! To enable fellow artists to enjoy a dada-carnival + a costume-making workshop for free! CHF 1001 would make it possible! Join the fest + support the artists.

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Vale il principio del «Tutto o Niente»: la somma raccolta verrà corrisposta al progetto, solo se esso avrà raggiunto o superato l’obiettivo di finanziamento.

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Concluso con successo il 4.3.2016

let dada be! be dada olé!

we need your support to make it DADAA:)


we open up our WG for fellow freaks to enjoy a independently spontaneus night out of their routines, out of them selves – put a carton box on your head at least and leave your conventions behind!


we give our full energy to lay da’ setting for an extraordinary event, offer our art for da’ sake of freeda’da fiesta.


Ipek & Bálint


It starst at 8:58pm on Saturday, 5th March 2016, but you may come any time ;)

  • the costume making workshop starts from noon and goes until we are ready!