Woodstock, 50 years after! Music Festival & Interactive Art Installation: A celebration of Woodstock-the 60’s PopArt Culture & it’s roots in Dadaism. Freedom of Speech, Expression & Peace.

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Concluded on 27/8/2019

Peace, Love & Happiness Happening. DadaStock…it’s for you, it’s for me, it’s for everyone.

Welcome to this DADA-Disciplinary Happening known as DadaStock!

August 16-18, 2019, during this 3 day interactive interdisciplinary festival, we welcome people from all walks of life. Young and old, musicians and creatives, friends, peaceful protesters and hippies. Bring yourself and your family and friends… we are OPEN FOR ALL.

All languages welcome but the organizational and operational language is English.

Bring your culture, philosophy, religion, musical instruments, your mind, your creativity, sounds, karaoke voice, and your curiosity. We offer an exploration into Music, Culture, and various forms of Freedom of Expression.

From talks, readings, speeches, and discussions, to records (remember those), microphones and turntables, crafts, meditations, and candles. There will be places to just hangout, sit-in, and chill; or try some gentle arts of macramé, tie-dye, flower power crowns, and also try not so gentle art of an electric guitar, DJ-ing with two turntables and sing some old familiar songs.

… oh, I forgot piano is also included.

Your imagination is the limit. :-)

If you get hungry we have something for that too.

A Hippie Buffet: If you are stopping by please bring some food to share with others, be it an avocado, cucumber, blueberries or a cake, to lasagna, or a can of tuna… chocolate is always a good idea ;-). Or if you can’t cook, see the Food Reward on the right with the same name, and we will do the cooking/shopping for you. Thanks.

The Daily DadaStock Schedules can be found at:

www.n-art.ch or www.cabaretvoltaire.ch

Have a look there is something for everyone.

Happy 50th Birth-Weekend Woodstock!

We are happy you were and celebrate that your spirit lives on. August 16-18, 2019, we joyfully takeover, Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich ’the DADA House’ the home of Personal Freedoms since 1916 …as we get back to the garden, together. (Okay, we first have to create the garden together, too.) :-)

Location: Cabaret Voltaire, Spiegelgasse 1, Zurich, Switzerland

it sounds good, sounds like fun…

This is where we turn to you, we need your help to make it happen.


…yes, really, we want visitors, that means you. That is the best way to get involved. Its no fun alone. We will be in the Nederdorf area of Zurich. So save the dates, and stop on by!


Then if you have the means and the desire… naturally, donations are needed, donations welcome!

As you can imagine all these wonderful opportunities for us all, cost money. Yarn, glue, paper, food, video equipment, music, manpower, etc.

Please see the rewards and donations area for more details about how to be involved, support and enjoy this event…

(For Booking your space go to the top on the right rewards area and choose your category)

1)Refugee ARTIST Special discount for Refugee Participating Artists:

2)Student/Senior ARTIST Special discount for Students and Senior Participating Artists:

3) Participating ARTIST. Display your artworks at Cabaret Voltaire during the DadaStock Weekend: up to 3 works of art per person, n-art has the right to decide how many to display.

We are looking for Multi-Disciplinary Works, Painting, Drawing, Collage, Photography, Video, etc. 2D and 3D : Abstracts, Clouds, Water, Sky, Land, Mountains, Planets, Galaxies, Plants, Trees, Flowers, Fish, Birds, Land and Sea, Animals, Sun, Stars, Moons, Apples.

Each work can be up to 2 meters in any one direction.

Sculptures should be more veridical-ish. Wall art needs to have a way to hang it, and ready to hang with wire, rope or hooks. Artists should be aware it might be hung upside down or sideways… It’s Dada! :-)

Also, we will update this we-make-it page with your name as a participating artist and a sneak peek close-up of one of your artworks.

Please send your photos and questions through the contact page at www.n-art.ch More details about delivery time and labels once you send me a photo(S) of your works.

You are responsible for insuring your own work, it is a performance venue and a café/bar/museum. n-art gmbh and Cabaret Voltaire are not responsible for loss or damage to your artwork.

You can sell your artwork too, and if the work is sold during the weekend n-art gmbh would ask for 10 % for the selling price.

A Certificate of Participation will be handed out after the Event.

Thank You for participating and supporting this project. :-)

DadaStock Artists Sofar: see artwork closeups below. Susan maude Buchser-Lochocki, Blanca-Maria Lagunez-Müller, Clarissa Hurst, Paul Dorn AKA St.Pauli, (Your name here.)… :-)


Thank You for your interest in this project. :-)

Organizer: n-art gmbh event, Schwärzen 11, 8185 Winkel, Switzerland

A BIG Thank you for your help: Blanca-Maria Lagunez-Müller, Clarissa Hurst, Paul Dorn, Christine Grimm, Mohammed Kotb, Jean Maurice, Elisabeth Fuchs, Cabaret Voltaire Team, we-make-it Team, My husband, my daughter, and my two dogs Mini and Penny.

Excerpts are from the Joni Mitchell song «Woodstock» and other Woodstock songs.