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We'd like to spread the prevention-beauty care for active Swiss people who love the sun. Help us to create the simplest daily suncream for idealists, who care health,environment and beauty.

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Concluded on 12/3/2021

Daily Tinted Suncream for Idealists’ simple mornings

All about my skincare is «Prevention» for health and beauty and the suncare is the most important «to-do» for anti-aging. However, I could see suncream was not so much loved by Swiss & Europeans, either they do not know the exact impact on skin damage from UV or it was simply not considered as a thing to wear every day because of many inconvenient reasons. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is one of the biggest reason for skin damages and UV can cause burning and long-term changes in the skin’s structure(Harvard Health Publishing, Feb 2020), which leads to pigmentation, skin cancer, dryness, wrinkles(destructured collagen)and Actinic keratosis.

For this project, the first thing I decided to do was, taking all the cons away from the existing suncream and it took 1.5 yrs to make the final protocol suncream. I wanted to develop a suncream which could be loved by any picky skin/health/environment lovers who want it all.

After I learned that chemical filters and nano-suncreams can harm corals in the ocean and irritate sensitive skin, I had to figure out how to protect myself from sun skin damages and existing together with corals, not harming the environment with the nanoparticles.

This suncream is made for anyone who does not want to spend time and effort for complicated morning routines for the face so that they could spend more time on the things they love. Plus, you can put aside worries related to health, beauty and environment.

What’s so different from other suncreams and why this project is important?

This suncream was made specifically for people who does not like to wear suncream because of the texture, white color, greasiness, dryness, heavy texture and health concerns from ingredients. For them, wearing suncream can be a biggest challenge, but if the suncream is pleasant enough to wear everyday, it will give enough UV protection which can offer a lot of benefits,especially for people having family history of skin cancer.

What is special about this Suncream?

  • Non-nano & Mineral suncream:

There are many mineral suncreams, but many are made out of nanoparticles. Also, many great texture suncreams are out there, but they are chemical filters. This suncream has all NON-factors!

  • Non-greasy, non-sticky suncream.

This suncream removed all those sticky factors and it sits on your skin without any unpleasant feelings.

  • Tan skin look

Mineral, a non-nano suncream does not need to be white anymore! This suncream is tinted with a light caramel color, so it will give you a summer tan effect.

  • All «Green Grade» ingredients from EWG( Environment Working Group)

All ingredients were carefully selected. We always want to avoid any controversial ingredients and prefer safe ingredients for us and the an environment. DERMA-SUNBYM suncream has only Green grade ingredients. For more information about EWG-> https://www.ewg.org/

  • Oceanfriendly

DERMA-SUNBYM suncream is not a chemical filter, nor having nanoparticles. No toxic ingredients for corals. Feeling guilty is not needed when you have to jump in the water!

  • Hypoallergenic aroma

There are many wonderful aromas which make us feel great, but there is a possibility of an allergic reaction that aroma can cause. DERMA-SUNBYM suncream used «Hypoallergenic aroma» so that we do not worry about the allergens, but still, we could enjoy the fresh scent!

  • Dermatologically tested & Patch test «Not-irritating» result

«Not irritating»-the best level in the patch test. It is already safely tested and got the best grading from the patch test.

  • Simple morning face routine? It’s for both natural-looking lovers and make-up lovers!

  • No complication in the morning! Shower -> toner -> DERMA-SUNBYM and hit the road!

No lotion, no serum, no foundation, no make-up base is necessary if you have DERMA-SUNBYM!

  • Dry skin? Oily skin? Sensitive skin? -> For any skin type!

Aloe, hyaluronic acid and tiger grass extract were used to lighten the texture and give a hydrating finish. Only glow effect from hydration will be there for both dry skin and oily skin.

  • SPF 30 for daily use

SPF 30 means, the suncream will be protecting your skin 96-97% from UV rays,( SPF 50 protects 98% from UV rays) and easily washable compare to SPF50 or waterproof suncreams. It offers enough protection but offering nice finish touch for every day.

Your support goes to

This campaign helps to cover the production costs of the research & develoment from the lab, and the first production cost, packaging fee and the post. We will spend every rappen to find Swiss who are enjoying the sun everday risking skin damage but wanting the most comfortable suncream. The cost is also needed to find them and make them try it out. We are very thankfull to use every support to invest in this project.

Thank you again and have a wonderful 2021!

With love, Yumi