DAM Swiss CBD infusions, fun and well-being!

Our ambition is to present CBD in another form and another style of consumption, by associating it with everyday products. The goal is to make you discover this plant, sometimes stigmatized and wrongly judged, by taking it out of its context.

All the teas, infusions and coffees selected for our blends come from certified organic or natural suppliers. Our entire assortment is designed to harmonize the effects of each plant.

In order to make this project feasible, we need additional funds for the purchase of essential equipment for the production line, for the order of eco-responsible packaging as well as for access to larger premises that meet food standards.

We propose to our tea and coffee lovers to co-finance our project through the pre-sales system and apply a discount during the Crowdfunding campaign.

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Choose the range that suits you.

WOMXN &+ range

Our range of Womxn+ infusions has been made with a lot of benevolence and without taboos for all menstruating people of the 21st century, in order to help them to live an assumed and uncomplicated cyclicity.

Firstly used by women who gravitate in the life of our society, our desire is to share the benefits of CBD flowers with the greatest number.

To concretize our action, we commit ourselves to transfer 50cts by box of infusion sold of this range, to the association For Womxn Period which proposes the free access to menstrual products for the people in situation of precariousness.


We have built the DAM Swiss Seasons range of infusions around seasonal themes to highlight the current ecological challenges.

Between freshness and complexity, each of our proposals invites you to an inner journey, throughout the year and according to the flavors.

With the intention of working with quality products for the next decades, we wish to donate 50cts per box of infusion sold from this range, to an association that promotes the development of renewable energy.

TEA range

At DAM Swiss, we feel that it is necessary to return to the contact with nature to cure the small evils of the everyday life. The integration of CBD in our current lifestyle is part of this approach.

This is why our range of infusions Dam Swiss Tea has been designed with passionate herbalists to accompany you during specific moments of your daily life.

We are committed to donating 50cts per box of tea sold from this range to the association Life Spirit Alchemists which raises awareness of natural alternatives to cope with pain and stress.

COFFEE range

In partnership with the Swiss roaster «TORPEDO», located in our beautiful countryside of Fribourg, we are pleased to present this tasty range.

By tasting DAM Swiss Coffee, you join the useful to the pleasant during the ritual dedicated to your favorite beverage.

A few milligrams of CBD are deposited at the bottom of the biodegradable capsule: just enough to enjoy the soothing benefits of the plant over the long term, while savoring the immediate stimulation of a good coffee.

The DAM Swiss team & partners

Together, let’s live the adventure of the «Thousand and One Flavors» of a plant that has been around for thousands of years and that never stops pleasing us!

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