Dance Basel – a new dance festival in Basel during the Art Basel week. We hope to support emerging choreographers by providing a quality platform during the world’s top art festival.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 1/4/2020

This is what it's all about.

The Braswell Arts Association creates the DANCE BASEL festival to focus on supporting the new work of very talented choreographers. Providing a platform during the world’s top art festival, for quality dance artists to create their next great work, network and collaborate.

The Festival will be three days long. Each day focusing on a different choreographer and live interview. Presenting choreographers from different stages in their career, we are not only looking for established choreographers, or young choreographers. We are also looking for choreographers who show potential.

Three short dance evenings on a successfully tested platform. Choreographers are researched and selected by the Braswell Arts Association team. Chosen choreographers are given an evening to present their newest creation or excerpt with up to 4 dancers. Directly after the performance, there will be a live interview with the choreographer and the artists and an apéro afterwards to give the audience the opportunity to mingle and discuss the evening.

A new dance and choreography festival, during the Art Basel week, focused on creation. The Braswell Arts Association focuses on supporting the new work of selected talented choreographers. Providing a platform during the world’s top art festival, for quality artists to create their next great work, network and collaborate.

  • 30-minute dance performance
  • 30-minute interview and talk with the artists
  • Apéro afterwards to mingle with other art enthusiasts

Public live interview: In collaboration with Interview En L’air online arts magazine, Armando Braswell invites the guest artists to participate in a LIVE interview open to the public and broadcast live on the internet and public television.

In preparation for our dream dance festival, we have already hosted numerous quality dance performances at the Braswell Arts Center through our «Artist-In-Residence» program. In our experience, a 30-minute dance piece partnered with a 30-minute open talk between the artists and the audience creates a very interesting and intimate dance experience. For first-time dance viewers or seasoned dance lovers, the length is enough to engage the public as well as give them the opportunity to further dive-in and speak directly with the artists, but also allow them enough time for their other engagements.

My project is special because ...

This short performance platform is specifically geared toward building a dance public. The festival will represent choreographers at different stages in their career, to give the public a wide perspective on dance today. It is my intention to make the «public interview» half of the show so that this project is not only a support to the local and international dance community, but also a educational and inspirational tool that helps build the future of dance as an art-form. I do feel that there is a big place for dance during the worlds top art festival.

This would be the first festival of it’s kind in Basel — with a focus on choreography of a high level, public involvement, and high-quality artistic innovation. With proper support we are sure we can:

  • Create a new, younger arts public
  • Strengthen the public relationship with art
  • Create opportunities for emerging and established artists
  • Expose the community to high-quality art
  • Encourage innovation in Basel and abroad
  • Create quality experiences for young choreographers

Simply , nurturing artistic talents.

This is what I need backing for.

Our budget is based on the basic needs to make this festival happen. Travel, room costs, daily food money, performance fee for the dancers. From a practical side, we of course will need at least two professional technicians, a small staff, and marketing.

To have the festival in 3 days

  • Performance Fee
  • Travel Costs
  • Room Costs
  • Per Diem
  • Choreo Artitic Stipend
  • Day Space Rental
  • Festival Staff
  • Marketing/Printing

We have already received the support of the Basel Stadt Jugendkulturpauschale for the year 2020 and have other applications in process. With support, we are sure that we can make a stamp on Basel and the international stage as well! We are completely open to expanding to a bigger space in the future.

I have recently retired from Ballett Theater Basel and have decided to go full time with my projects such as the Braswell Arts Center and Guest teaching. As I search for my next major step, I still want to contribute to the dance world. I have planned over the years to evolve our popular Artistic Residency Program into a high quality choreographic festival. The Dance Basel Festival is a way for me to bring to Basel, all the amazing artists I have worked with and met in my career and in my travels as a guest teacher. The Braswell Arts Center has succeeded in bringing quality guest teachers to Basel on an international scale. With proper support, we are certain that we can create a well-organized festival on a international scale.

I KNOW that we have already crowdfunded for the Braswell Arts Center and that some people feel it is something you should not do twice, but my response to that is: YOUR SUPPORT IS WORKING!!! That is why we are back again with a new project. We did not dissappear, we were successful and we go on!