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Congratulations on funding your project. I wish you great success in making a difference with the International Children's Cancer Aid.
Vielen herzlichen Dank im Namen aller Spender und Unterstützer von unserem Projekt und dass ihr alle uns geholfen habt zu helfen. <3 DANKE sagen Laura & Brofaction
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Thank you so much!

Good luck on the project.
Hey Jean <3
Clearly I can do that. Please send a mail to
And thanks sooo much for you donation.
Greets Laura
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Hi Laura, I will donate an additional 50 Euros if you agree to email me the lyrics in German to all songs on your «Wie guat, dass i a Madl bin» CD (except for «Aber schee is es scho» -- I already have that one). I am trying to sign along. I will try to translate each one so I know what I am signing about :)... Good luck with your project.
Vielen herzlichen Dank an alle die uns unterstützen <3 Wir danken euch und freuen uns dass ihr uns helfen wollt zu helfen
Laura Kamhuber