KHASMA publishes their first album

As the title suggests, we have been working on new songs for our debut album, which will be released in spring 2020. We’ve written and recorded 11 - 13 songs, which will then be available for you in digital sales (iTunes / Amazon Music / etc.) and in streaming (Spotify / Apple Music / etc.). On January 8th we’re kicking off the year with the new sound of KHASMA, a single release «Wildfire» will drop from our album! Get in the action from the start and come with us on an exciting journey! We can’t thank you enough already for your support shown with «Move The World»!!

Our Story: We met for the first time in 2017 when we were commissioned to write the event theme tune «Move The World» for the Swiss Gymnastics Festival in Aarau 2019. This soon resulted in a deeper friendship and it was clear to us that we wanted to continue writing songs to keep up the momentum. After a few weeks away songwriting, we had a lot of songs together and decided to present them to the public as a full length album. We are passionate and committed to bringing you the best sound with our first album.

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The special thing about our project

We are an independent band consisting of three people who are responsible for this project without a label or external producers. With a great deal of initiative, we’ve recorded the songs in our «home studio», produced them and given everything we’ve got in terms of creativity and authenticity to this album.

But in addition to the musical work, there are of course many behind the scenes tasks that we cannot run ourselves. We’re a great team and that makes our goal of KHASMA’s first album possible.

Below you can listen to our first song «Move The World» below, which we were allowed to write for Switzerland’s largest polysporting event.

We need your support for this

In order to achieve our goal from the debut album, we need your financial support. Since we carry out this project without the support of a label or other financial advance, we as a band also bear the entire financial risk ourselves.

If you donate, we have an attractive list of rewards to thank you for the donation. ;-) We look forward to showing our appreciation, getting to know you personally or simply welcoming you to our KHASMA family with a donation.

We are extremely grateful for your support and can’t wait to go public with our songs.

Psst: If the project takes more than expected, we will also invest the money in a video clip of one of our singles! ;-)

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