«Werden – Sein – Vergehen»: Let yourself be carried away into the wonderful music of Haydn, Webern, Derungs and Mayuzumi with the Pacific Quartet Vienna.

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The Pacific Quartet Vienna

Unity in Diversity: We are a professional, multinational string quartet, which was founded 10 years ago in Vienna. The countries of origin of our members are Japan, Taiwan, Hungary and Switzerland. We are based in Vienna and Zurich.

Ambassadors of the string quartet: All our passion goes into string quartet playing, possibly the supreme discipline within the realm of chamber music. Recently, we won the August Pickhardt-Prize in Basel and a year ago multiple awards at the 6 International Joseph Haydn Chamber Music Competition in Vienna: 1st prize, audience award and prize for the best interpretation of a composition of Joseph Haydn. Our increasing number of concert tours lead us through all of Europe and Asia.

The Project

Onward to the Next Milestone – Our First CD: After a long phase of planning the realisation of our first CD is just a stone-throw away! We would also like to reach out to our audience beyond concert halls and enchant them with our music. With this CD we also wish to show the quartet’s cultural diversity and its connection to Vienna, united by the theme:

«Werden – Sein – Vergehen»

The Concept

The famous triptych «Werden – Sein – Vergehen» of the painter Segantini is the point of departure for our CD. The string quartets by Anton Webern and Martin Derungs were directly inspired by this painting. The quartet of Joseph Haydn stands symbolically for the nascence of a new artistic form of expression within the realm of chamber music. Mayuzumi’s quartet picks up the CD’s motto by the respective use of sound and permits experiencing time through new dimensions of sound.

This is why we need you

We are happy that the Swiss Radio SRF will be giving us their support in producing our debut CD with the Austrian CD-label Gramola, which will be its distributor. In order to reach this goal, a total sum of 12’000 € (from a total budget amounting to 15’800 €) needs to be raised. By giving your support, we will be able to cover the following costs:

  • Costs for recording and editing
  • Production of the CD-Booklets (including artist photographs and texts)
  • Cost for promoting the CD



2016年秋にオーストリア、グラモーラ社からリリースされるPQVデビューCDの支援プロジェクトがクラウドファンディングサイト«ウィー・メーク・イット»にてスタートしました。CDの製作、プロモーションに必要な経費の補てんのために5月20日から7月3日までの45日間皆様のご希望の額を寄付することができます。引き換えに期間限定のPQVオリジナル景品や特典を多数用意しております。皆様のご参加を心からお待ちしております。よろしくお願いいたします。 PQV一同