Your future shines with SOL! Together we are building new stations and a free media & business network. For you & your community, for your region & local supply. And you are part of it!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 1/1/2023

This is what it's all about.

Radio SOL international is the community radio station and media operator that invites to co-create a new social & economic system. We stand for Social values - (O)Ecology & sustainability - Local supply & independence


Program for life. We are already operating the first transmitters in the greater Vienna area. But now, together with you, we want to become THE community broadcaster for all of Austria and for the entire German-speaking, European region. Together we are now creating a new awareness of values and a media & business network that serves the common good of people, animals, nature and creation.

In our vision, thousands of people and initiatives are partners and shareholders of our independent media, presentation and cooperation platform. And united we establish this new lifestyle: we stand for constructive, independent journalism & activism, for good vibes & sunny music, for independence & joy: «good news - good sound - good life».


We accompany you on your way into the new era. Our hearts, doors and media channels are always open for people with a message, for «lighthouses», for interested, motivated and encouraging people.

Entrepreneurs, associations, communities of interest and network operators are welcome to use our airtime and media infrastructure to present their topics, products, projects that are Social, Ecological or Local valuable with us.

We would also be happy to come to you on site to work with you and your community to successfully set up your own regional value circle («Circle») with media channel («Channel») and local station according to the SOL model. We bring the necessary tools with us. Let’s get started! Together we will expand our overall reach to offer more value to more people.

«PEACE. JOY. FREEDOM. FULFILLMENT. being there for each other.» A VALUEABLE, healthy free world of values that we can also pass on intact to our children and to next generations.

This destination is now no longer utopian, but concretely achievable, through us as a collective community. Use our participatory model & Planet SOL’s new tools for this shared, joyful journey into the new, common good value society.

Let’s «Surf» together from the performance society to the value society.

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    We all together

Our project is special because ...

It started 30 years ago in the 90s with a vision: «Peace On Earth». People for Peace on Earth. A movement was founded. A small team developed in the heart of Europe. Ideas and projects were forged. What is needed first? A new awareness of values. And a medium to spread it.

In 1997, a radio workshop was founded. We began with broadcast productions that would promote an awareness of peace, social values, sustainability and regionality by means of «constructive journalism.» To date, we have conducted thousands of relevant interviews and organized hundreds of events in this spirit. It was - and still is - important to let this awareness of values flow into our society and economy via the media and education or, where this is not possible, to create and build new structures ourselves.

And that’s what we did: on Nov. 5, 2009, we opened the Radio SOL Media Center, a multimedia agency with its own broadcasting studio in the south of Vienna in Bad Vöslau. Magic was in the air when Radio SOL went ON AIR from here for the first time on Feb. 1, 2012 with its own FM radio license, as an independent, private FM educational station. An essential part of our radio program was and still is the direct involvement of people. That’s why we regularly host social skills and media literacy training courses with on-the-job internships at the station - and have been doing so for 10 years now.

In November 2019, we quadrupled our broadcast area. We conquered the metropolis of Vienna. Since then, we have been broadcasting as «Radio SOL international» not only in the south of Vienna on FM 105.1 MHz, but also ON AIR via the digital broadcasting standard DAB+ in the greater Vienna area and eastern Austria, as well as ONLINE via the Internet and smartphone app in the European D-A-CH region. Thus, we currently reach a technical range of 3 million people.

ON DEMAND, we offer our constantly growing listener & member community a media library and do-it-yourself media participation platform with now more than 700 individual member media channels.

A great achievement for a small, privately initiated association. True, a rough wind has been blowing all these years, but despite low blows, we have always been able to hold our own and prevail alongside the giant media corporations and adverse financial and market developments. Our original founding idea from the 90s, to make a positive contribution to this world with our work, was and is simply stronger.

In addition, we made the conscious decision to view this long-lasting «struggle for survival» positively as a challenge and to use it for our own holistic further development. This strengthened our inner attitude and brought forth exactly these new, constructive models and tools, which are now available to all interested people.

Our invitation today: «Welcome & tune in!» Use our know-how and our infrastructure. Everyone can now benefit from our career with all the mastered tasks. Now it may be easy! Support and use now with your participation an idea whose time has come.

  • Gerhard - our idealistic «head of music»
    Gerhard - our idealistic «head of music»
  • Andrea P. - our charismatic organizer
    Andrea P. - our charismatic organizer
  • Andrea F. - our hearty jack of all trades
    Andrea F. - our hearty jack of all trades
  • Christó - our faithful companion
    Christó - our faithful companion
  • Hans - our likeable Mr. Sales
    Hans - our likeable Mr. Sales
  • Pierre - our chilled video ambassador
    Pierre - our chilled video ambassador
  • Melanie - our pleasant «Good News» voice
    Melanie - our pleasant «Good News» voice
  • Peter - our ingenious media checker
    Peter - our ingenious media checker
  • Fabian - our empathic CrowdFinder
    Fabian - our empathic CrowdFinder

This is what we need backing for.


Together we establish participative media, social & economic infrastructures of the new age.

With your financial support you enable on the one hand the strategically and economically valuable expansion of our existing FM transmitter in Vienna.

On the other hand, the expansion of our reach in the European D-A-CH area via new terrestrial DAB+ & FM radio stations, which we do not want to build and operate alone, but in cooperation with interested initiatives and networks.

Specifically, we co-finance:


1/3 of the funding income we want to use for the purchase of new broadcasting & studio equipment for Radio SOL. The currently planned expansion of our Viennese VHF station and media center will give Radio SOL up to 30x greater VHF media coverage than before in the Vienna metropolitan area. The larger reach automatically brings more guidelines with it, which cause own licenses for the practice of broadcasting, which are also financed.

The additional listener contacts and financial additional earnings that can be achieved through this now bring our project into financial ease & independence, which also directly benefits our community in the D-A-CH area, since we can already partially finance the installation of further regional stations, channels, circles & markets in the D-A-CH area and thus start more professionally.


1/3 of the funding income will be used to better finance and increase the jobs of our wonderful organization, editorial, marketing & training team. This will open up the necessary support capacities for the development of the regional stations in the D-A-CH area.


1/3 of the funding income flows into our reserves, which are used to finance airtime and selected broadcast series, as well as events and training for our partner networks and regional teams. In this way, we jointly open up new support opportunities for members & partners, for initiatives, associations & entrepreneurs, also for families and entrepreneurs who are in financial need.

In addition, we exclusively offer our partners and club members the specially developed, decentralized value & payment system Planet SOL Pay. With this we learn - step by step but consequently - to free ourselves and our real economy from the unpleasant, systemic money and market constraints together. These are perspectives, aren’t they?

The future is sunny with SOL.

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    Your LOVE matters.
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    Here we are.
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    «OUR» cycle
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