DELTA IX provider of wellbeing

Our Start-up aims at making you discover the numerous benefits of Hemp through our two product range: -Hemp infused Tea -Hemp Flowers Our products are organic and come from a sustainable Agriculture. They contribute to both the physical and mental wellbeing while enabling to maintain a healthy lifestyle !


Luxurious designs for virtuous products

Paradoxically, the global opinion on Hemp and Cannabis use remains quite controversial despite their numerous therapeutic benefits.

Our goal is to restore Hemp’s image by making you discover its benefit through our Hemp infused Tea and Hemp flowers.

Our unique packaging is not only designed to be shock proof but also to be airtight in view of preserving the flavors and taste of our products. The box’s inside is made of aluminium to remain light while being resistant. Once sealed, you can carry the box with you absolutely everywhere !

To elaborate our Hemp infused Teas and to increase their health benefits, we have associated Hemp with various plants that are well known for their medical properties such as verbena and elderberry.

Thanks to our Beta testers, we were able to select the varieties of Hemp flower: -with the most relaxing effects -that helped the most to focus while working -with strong anti-inflammatory and pain killer properties

As you can see, our product lines will not only enable you to improve your daily wellbeing but can also be very helpful to fight against various symptoms and illnesses.

Indeed, Hemp:

  • helps physical recovery after intense efforts for athletes and prevent muscular soreness
  • relieves menstrual pains
  • prevents help disorders
  • improves the lifestyle of people suffering from epilepsy or multiple sclerosis
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What will your contribution be for?

In the short run, we aim at widening our existing product range by adding new Hemp flower varieties and Hemp Tea infused flavors. Our producers of Hemp flowers and Hemp infused Tea are respectively from Vaud and from Valais.

In the mid-long run, our goal is to launch our range of organic Hemp cosmetics alongside with a local laboratory.

If we reach our goal of 20 000 CHF:

we will be able to widen our product range of Hemp infused Tea & Hemp flowers and to cover our initial investment. Moreover, it would allow us to order bigger quantities of products and benefit from economy of scale. Also, we would be able to rent premises and develop a physical point of sale.

If we reach our goal of 20 000 CHF:

We will have sufficient funding to launch our range of organic Hemp cosmetics.

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