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This is what it's all about.

Who am I and what defines me? The never ending conflict with our inner demons can be dark, cold and exhausting.

The clip tells its story not with actions, but images and emotions. This videoclip is our attempt of breaking down and depicting those complex processes by drowning in a pool, frozen in Ice or burnt by fire.

Young people working together

Since many years, Benjamin Aellen and Silvio Pfiffner share a close friendship. While Benjamin found his passion in creating videos and studied film at the «Hochschule der Künste in Luzern (HsLu)», Silvio kept on writing his own music with his well-known project «Nyctalgia».

After many years of personal evolving in their specific working areas they both felt that the time has finally come to collaborate. Although they are the ones who brought this project to life, there are many other young people involved in it.

This project is not only about fulfilling the musicians wish for a good music video. It’s about young people working together and create something in which everyone involved gets the possibility to express him- or herself, be creative and gain personal experiences.

Creating videoclips can be very expensive

As the wages are already taken care of, we need the additional funds for locations and equipment rental. For pool, studio, lights, make-up, décor and also a drone pilot and his opperator to add aerial footage of mountains and glaciers to our video.