Atelier Closed, Let’s Move!

by Bruno Rosio


Whether a world star or not: The Action Painting Atelier had its doors open for everyone, but now the landlord had to close the building overnight. Help us ensure it continues swiftly.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 12/10/2023

No Atelier, No Action.

During Bruno’s Action Painting Sessions, emotions flowed onto the canvas through acrylic colors. Participants created vivid snapshots of their feelings with intuitive body movements.

In the last two years, Bruno has had the privilege of accompanying over four hundred people. Among them was the world star Ed Sheeran with his wife Cherry Seaborn, who captured snapshots of their emotions in the small art studio.

But it doesn’t matter if you’re a world star or not: Bruno succeeds in helping participants overcome their inhibitions, let go, and create works that are indistinguishable from professional Action Painting masterpieces.

Subsequently, the works are varnished, professionally framed, and shipped. The concept is simple, and the results are amazing: Those who paint and let go during Action Painting are surprised by the unexpected and have a work that lasts a lifetime.

🤯 Moreover, it has often happened that participants have sold their artworks for four-figure sums: Certain works simply leave a lasting impression.

Action Painting im Wohnzimmer
Action Painting im Wohnzimmer

There's No Second Place Like Action Painting

Together with his growing team, Bruno continues to inspire people from all over Switzerland week after week with the Action Painting project. Sometimes, individuals even come from other countries to capture this unique experience through joyful memories.

The access the project provides people to abstract art is unparalleled in this form. Already, hundreds of Action Painting pieces hang in living rooms and offices, telling captivating stories as they are admired.

❗ And that’s exactly what we want to continue—with your support—as quickly as possible.


👉 By the way, Action Painting is a so-called «bootstrapping» project. This means it is mainly built through our own efforts and boundless dedication.

The team and the project’s development always come first.

Action im alten Atelier
Action im alten Atelier

Action Painting Needs Your Support

❗ On September 14, 2023, the Atelier building was abruptly and permanently closed by the landlord without prior notice, due to ground subsidence, risking the building’s collapse.

The Action Painting ship is still too small to financially weather such waves alone. It’s quite straightforward: without the Atelier, there’s no Action—and without Action, there are no wages. The young team, including Bruno as a retiree, is indispensable to Action Painting.

That’s why we need your support now to make our journey to the new Atelier as swift as possible.


👇 We will use the crowdfunding for the following:

  • 👉 Compensation for the team for their work during this phase
  • 👉 Costs for moving to and setting up the new Atelier
  • 🥳 A fantastic opening celebration in the new Atelier

Rest assured, with your support, we will quickly find a new place, and the larger the crowdfunding, the more possibilities we have to set up the new Atelier.


Funding & Stretch Goals:

  • CHF 4800 🐌 Not full throttle, but the team can stay
  • CHF 9600 🐸 Leaping toward the new Atelier
  • CHF 24k 🦄 Full speed ahead


👇 With the voucher, we’ll give you 120% back:

  • 👉 Session without artwork for CHF 183 = Voucher code of CHF 220
  • 👉 Session with artwork for CHF 366 = Voucher code of CHF 440

You’ll receive your voucher code via email upon successful crowdfunding, which you can redeem when booking at the new Atelier.

👇 More goodies created with passion and joy:

You can enjoy an action-packed red wine 🍷 or hang Bruno Rosio’s signed masterpiece on your wall. Due to limited quantities, the faster person wins.

Either way, let’s not waste any time so that the action can continue swiftly, and we can toast to our future together.

Wein im Action Painting Look
Wein im Action Painting Look