Menü Konzerte

After one and a half year of playing together and getting to know our repertoire better, we want to give new orientations to our duo.

The idea is to come to you, in your living rooms and to share a moment of emotions in a small setting.

We are interested in your wishes and your opinions! We would love to propose a system of «MENU CONCERTS» where you can choose what you’d like to listen to!

To do it, we will create a series of videos, where we will present you our repertoire.

To launch this project, we planned a recording session in February 2018. and a collaboration with a professional designer and a professional photographer.

Be a part of our adventure! Let’s begin this DIALOGUE together right away!


Recording session - Financing

The program is based on the theme of the DIALOGUE between our two instruments. The chosen pieces reflect the evolution of the counterpoint, from two to four voices.

  • Extract of the 15 inventions for keyboard, J.S. Bach
  • Castillo Interior, P. Vasks (world premiere)
  • Sonatine, A. Honegger
  • Passacaglia, J. Halvorsen

Your donation will help to finance:

  • The studio recording session
  • The Design and Cd impression
  • The promotion (photos, design, etc.)

The Duo Gindrat-Lefebvre

Marie-Ophélie Gindrat and Gaëlle Lefebvre met for the first time in the Haute Ecole de Musique of Neuchâtel. A rich musical collaboration followed, to discover a rich repertoire thought numerous public performances. With the public, they shared their passion and love for chamber music, delicate mixed of fusion and individuality.

That’s how the Duo Gindrat-Lefebvre was born in June 2016, wanting to make their instruments’ voices heard in smaller settings and offering a huge range of colours and possibilities in the best of their abilities.

These two musicians are full of energy for this new musical adventure, ready to present this unknown repertoire to the public with its numerous treasures.