To equip and start up summer residency in Georgian mountain village

We would like to equip and start up a Residency and workshop in one of the Georgian Alpine zone village DIDI MITARBI that will be working as an open-source principles for artists, designers, architects and persons interested in this sphere. During the winter season touristic programs will function as well. The touristic program foresees an introduction to the local agriculture such as apiculture (bee-keeping), fishing, familiarization/involvement in farmers’ activities. This will promote as creation of new products/ services and their realization so the improvement of already existing products and services according to the international standards.

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Project DIDIMITARBI360° is special because ....

This settlement was deserted after the Soviet period. The houses are on the brink of collapse and the infrastructure is ruined. In 2017 a new ski lift was installed in the place of the old one. It is planned to build new hotels and implement infrastructure projects. In this regard, we consider it actual to set up a residence at the place where local and foreign urbanists, architects, traffic researchers, designers and artists will be invited periodically to share their experiences.

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In the Spring

In the Spring We will arrange cabin type restrooms for approximately 20 people. coworking space. dining room. woodworking workshop. residency spaces. Living conditions will be arranged for summer call. This will be an opportunity to studying the Borough of Didi Mitarbi and its surroundings and its comparison with the locations of the other similar characteristics - - Juxtapose.

budget (approx.) 15000 renovation existing building (coworking space. dining room. residency spaces) 10000 reconstruction of old farm (cabin type restrooms for residents) 5000 equipping the workshop

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