DIE MACHEREI — A collective of makers

DIE MACHEREI is a platform for young, innovative & sustainable design with a focus on the process of making & a transparent production cycle. DIE MACHEREI is a space for design, architecture and art.

We are a collective of young makers with a shared interest in functional and aesthetic design. We highlight the «making of» the unique designs presented by our makers here in Zurich, at the Markt Lagerstrasse in Europaallee. All of our products undergo a fair and sustainable production cycle.

We are a home for young designers and artists who help one another realize their ideas and visions. We will strive to liven up the new area by sharing our multifaceted skills and ambitions in active exchange with members of the surrounding community.

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This is why we need support

In order to build up our creative platform and shop, we need your help. The donations will go towards the construction of our shop interior at Lagerstrasse 104 in Zurich, to the many helpers who have volunteered their time so far and to the makers themselves. If you would like to support the local, creative economy of your city, here is your chance to do so.

Become a part of the Macherei and help us make our dream a reality. Your effort will not be for nothing, because you will give us young makers the chance to realise our vision and you will receive some great goodies in exchange.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!

Meet the Makers

A very special thanks to our film makers, Ioannis Sochorakis and Lukas Linder, and to music composer Fernando Lopez who joined creative forces to present our story in a highly aesthetic video.

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