The new movie by Mirko and Dario Bischofberger – will soon be ready to watch. However, the film was done with such a small crew that there are almost no names in the credits. Interested in being part of it? ;-)

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In the second movie the Bischofberger brothers had the idea to realise a science fiction. The movie was shot last summer on the small Italian island of Favignana near Sicily and is now in post-production. This involves the creation of science fiction visual effects by Sascha Rossier and the participation of sound designer Peter Bräker for the audio ambience.

However, this is expensive… :-) For this reason we ask you to participate and sustain the realisation of this project. In exchange you will receive a special mention of your choice in the ending credits and a hand-signed DVD copy.

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Synopsis of the movie

In a not-too-distant future only a few homo sapiens are left. Struggling for survival they are forced to live from hunting the last remaining animals in the peripheral ruins of a more advanced human civilization. But they are unaware of being stalked themselves by a mysterious scanner. A science-fiction story about hunting and being hunted, about extinction and survival, about dogs – and men.

Background of the directors

The Bischofberger brothers spent a large part of their childhood in Southern Italy, where their forefathers used to live as illiterate farmers working in the fields and eating dog meat to survive. These peasants were in fact called «mangiacani» locally, which means «dog eaters» in Italian. It is this historical background of scarce resources that inspired the directors to make a science-fiction movie. The rural poverty of the mangiacani is transposed into an apocalyptic stone pits architecture in a story that is at the same time very new and very remote.

Dario and Mirko Bischofberger were born into an Italian family in Switzerland. They realized their first feature film «Old is the New» in 2012. Dog Men is the second movie. Dario runs a small wine company and Mirko works as a scientific advisor.


  • Irmina Kopaczynska
  • Gioacchino Balistreri
  • Urs Althaus
  • Daniel Mulligan
  • Nils Althaus


  • Directors: Mirko and Dario Bischofberger
  • Screenplay: Mirko and Dario Bischofberger
  • Camera: Martin Boyer, Michelle Ettlin
  • Costumes: Adriana De Nicola
  • Sound: Dario Bischofberger, Peter Bräker
  • Music: Antonio e Andrea Esperti, Dario Bischofberger, Elenora Stassi
  • Editing: Mirko Bischofberger, Michelle Ettlin
  • Color Correction: Michelle Ettlin
  • Visual Effects: Sascha Rossier
  • Sci-Fi Software: Laura Symul
  • Sci-Fi Tools: Effi Tanner
  • Drawings: Nico Bonomolo

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  • And with the special support of: YOUR NAME?
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  • Personal Assistant to Gioacchino Balistreri: YOUR NAME?
  • Personal Assistant to Urs Althaus: YOUR NAME?
  • Personal Assistant to Daniel Mulligan: YOUR NAME?
  • Personal Camera Assistant to Martin Boyer: YOUR NAME?
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