Domino – Salvatore & Antonio


Agrigento and Marsala

We provide unconditional help. Help at eye level. We support projects and provide direct aid and do not expect any results. We give confidence. The first project is Salvatore & Antonio.

CHF 2’350

9% of CHF 25’000

"9 %"
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 4/10/2018

Unconditional Help

Hello, I’d like to introduce our project Domino. Domino is a way to collect money that can be used for unconditional help. What does unconditional mean? Unconditional means that we support people and projects directly with collected money without the expectation of success.

The money goes directly to the people who ask for help. We want to direct cash to places where they cannot receive it now. Failure is part of the Domino concept and has no consequences. Domino creates possibilities where today resignation and standstill has occurred.

Through social media or personal connections people come to us who ask for help. Within the scope of our possibilities, we have already set the cash flow in motion.

Some first examples are listed on our website under direct help

Domino supports people and projects worldwide. We reopened blocked financial roadways to places they can’t go to anymore

What do we get for it? A world not divided by poverty lines but in which our resources are shared without prejudice. A world where millions of people no longer have to flee from their hopeless situation. A world in which we can travel everywhere and be welcomed by happy people with open arms.

Domino is supported and supervised by the following people:

  • Martin Piller, pastor of the Maria-Lourdes church in Seebach
  • Josef Karber, pastor of the Liebfrauen Church in Zurich
  • Tamara Djurasic, project manager and employee at Pangea Development AG
  • Luigi Greco, computer scientist, owner of Pangea

Please support us with your abundance to make this essential nurturing a reality

and … copy our idea to create as many dominoes as possible.

Creating possibilities and movement

With this project everyone who supports us creates possibilities. Possibilities that bring light to dark places.

Poverty and hopelessness are the breeding ground for crime and suffering.

The return on investment for each donation is a better world, which does not have to be divided by fences so that one side can protect itself from the other.

We wish ourselves and our children a world in which we can travel everywhere and be welcomed by happy people with open arms.


There are no guarantees for success. The route is the goal. The domino projects bring movement into an environment of motionlessness. The future will tell us what will come out of this. We guarantee that we will accompany the people we support together with you on their way. They are a part of us and we are a part of them.

Picture: With CHF 900.– Domino financed Bless in Ghana her beverage shop