Don’t Judge Me (Fast Life EP)

I have already invested for the production of my EP that contains 6 high quality tracks, my official website, e-commerce, and the production of music video for my first single of the EP entitle «Jamaican Grind» which is schedule to be released October 20 2015.

I need your help in order to produce a high quality music video for my second single entitle «Don’t Judge Me» featuring New York Singer Brian Nightingale, schedule to be released January 2016.

My intention is to produce both videos at same time in order to be cost-effective. Your help would be total appreciated and in return I’ve prepared some personal goodies to show my entire gratitude.

About My Music

My music is a crossover music. Crossover music is a term applied to musical works or performers appearing on two or more compositions. For example, if you listen to my first single entitle «Jamaican Grind» scheduled for release October 20 2015, which is inspired by reggae melody and mixed with urban southern hip hop’s beats, that’s a crossover! I’m also spreading the word thanks to an innovative new series of videos on my YouTube page which will see me freestyle alongside street performers and buskers in the UK.

While I travel for my music performances across the world, I also take the time to find somebody singing in the street and perform to show my capacity to improvise live without preparing my-self before. You can keep an eye on my videos on YouTube or for a visit to a city or town near you.

Music Video Spending Breakdown:

  • Producer fee
  • Director fee
  • Camera operator
  • Camera equipment rental
  • Key grip + assistant + lighting gear
  • Wardrobe
  • City permits
  • Location fees and rentals
  • Actors Casting
  • Extras
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