Donde son estas serranas?

by carovienne

Saint Pölten

Music from the acoustic neighbourhood has recorded a new CD, with Lee Santana, Andreas Wahl, Marthe Perl and Antje Rux. We need your support for production and promotion!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 10/10/2018

Thanks! With your support, we were able to produce our CD: now we will be signing them and send them off to you!By carovienne, on 04/11/2018


WE MADE IT!!!By carovienne, on 11/10/2018

Dear Friends, We are speechless! How great! 107%! Thank you to each of you for your support. Now we are very proud to let the music come to you very soon. The CDs are on the way to us and should arrived in a few days. And tour dates will be as well soon available. Happy!

94%!!!!!! We're almost there!!! Thank you all for supporting our project! Today By carovienne, on 01/10/2018

Recording session, «Toledo»

WOW! We've reached already 83% of our goal! Thank you so much to all our supporters! We would like to thank you with a new video. Enjoy! By carovienne, on 24/09/2018

Recording session, «Elfen»

ENJOY OUR NEW VIDEO!By carovienne, on 17/09/2018

Recercla Quinta, recording session