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The Project

We will be recording our fourth full length starting February 13th in Vienna.

On order to realize this dream, we require your support in terms of:

  • Recording
  • Producing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Promo

Who is Doomina?

Doomina, that’s us: Daniel Gedermann and Lukas Geyer on guitars, Christian Oberlercher (bass) and Erich Kuttnig (drums). The project Doomina started in 2006 and after some line-up changes has been making music in this magic constellation for about four years. You could say it was musician-love at first sight.

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What We Do

We don’t like to be categorized but if you want to describe the style of our music, the term post-rock makes sense. WTF is post-rock? Right. It is about evoking very intense and often deeply emotional moments in the listeners. This is done by creating evolving soundscapes and their subsequent acoustic deconstruction. Playful and dreamy melodies followed by brutal riffs.

Curious? Just visit our social media stuff and listen in!

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