The project

The plan is to record 5 songs. All songs will be recorded with the help of a sound engineer at Studio 52.9. I even have the chance to have my friend Requin guitarist who will be there to play with me.

Recording of songs is an important step, «the step after». Concerts are great to see if what is said to oneself may also resonate for others. It's always an amazing experience to talk with people for who your words, your tone, your intonations say something. When doing folk, it is not especially crowds dancing, so it's nice to know it a little dance in there, in terms of emotions.

When we do concerts, performances, we are delighted that the audience leaves with many happy memories, but, according to some, it would also be top if they could go home with a little something, at the end of the concert they could replay it as many times as desired (a CD in short).

Why the money?

Very good question! Very simple answer. Part of the sub will fund the hiring of the recording studio and the work of the sound engineer. The other part will be used to manufacture CDs and vinyls. That's pretty much it.