4 years since my debut CD Vienna Chamber Diaries with Wolfgang Muthspiel have passed. It was not a time of inactivity. Lots of new music evolved. More than a year ago I set out to bring together 16 of my favorite and most exquisite musicians from Austria, England, Germany, Israel and Iran to record this brandnew music. With the sole purpose to make it available to YOU and bring JOY TO YOUR LIVING ROOM! :-)

It soon became clear there is so much material that it won’t be just one but TWO CDs to be released this year. 2 Albums – like two sides of a coin. One highly energetic the other one subtle chamber music. Showcasing a unique few on modern chamber music and Jazz.

The CDs


is a truly exquisite group with pianist Gwilym Simcock (member of Pat Metheny’s quartet), guitarist Mike Walker (who played with virtually everyone from Kenny Wheeler to Dave Holland) and violinist Thomas Gould («one of the most talented and charismatic British violinists of the younger generation») from England. Completed with two Austrians, bassist Martin Berauer, not only my brother, but a wonderful musician and expert in world music and Bernhard Schimpelsberger, who has built a remarkable reputation as a master of Indian Rhythms.

Official RELEASE September 2018 –> as a Crowdfunder you’ll receive it already in May!


is my unique vision of fusing chamber music and Jazz. Improvisation and composition meet in an intimate as well as groovy / energetic setting. This time we have Jazz Shooting star Omer Klein and ECM artist Klaus Gesing on board. Alongside with my longtime musical partners in crime and more than excellent jazz/classical players Florian Eggner, Johannes Dickbauer, Christian Bakanic, Martin Berauer, Bernhard Schimpelsberger, Mahan Mirarab and the Ensemble Plattform K+K (who have been featured on this years Vienna Philharmonic New Years Concert, by the way ;-)

Official RELEASE April 2018

What we need and what you get

We are almost there. We still need to cover the costs for mastering, production and booklet. The best way to support us is by pre-ordering ONE or BOTH of the CDs! Or the new ones and the old one. Or get a bunch of them as presents for all your friends (they will love it!). You get the idea. All goodies can be found on the right.

And then just wait in anticipation for the CDs to arrive, put them on and enjoy!