Site specific – dance performance tours in cities and nature with a proactive public that moves along

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Successfully concluded on 20/5/2015

What is it about?

With a proactive public that moves along, these dance performance tours lead over hills, along rivers, through buildings and streets. Throughout this walks we test locomotion strategies and instincts of humans and animals and make them tangible. By making the path to our destination, we want to expose and explore the ’condition humaine’. For two hours, we guide you through the city and nature while you take the role of both: audience as well as active companion. With short self-contained pieces, we the performers react on historical and personal (local) stories, on the environment, buildings, people on the street and the traffic. While moving from one performance place to another, the movement itself becomes the purpose. Supported and encouraged by the dancers, you move according to taste: on all fours, against walls, through the bushes, or just on an easy pace walking and observing. The respective physical actions are proposed and accompanied in varying degrees of difficulty. We guarantee sensual pleasures and change of perspective! At the end you can expect refreshments and special treats accommodated to each tour, prepared explicitly and with the greatest of care!

  • concept, choreography, tour guide, dance: Andrea Boll
  • tour guide, dance: Ivan Blagajevic, Diane Gemsch, Berit Jentzsch
  • tourguide (downtown): Frank Kauffmann
  • chef-cook: Alexander Gershberg

Why support us?

Andrea Boll: downhill downriver downtown is the prelude of a new creating phase. I have created numerous pieces for theatre, but in this outdoor adventure I wish to get even more involved with my crew and YOU - the audience as companions. In the performing arts we depend on you the observer. Through your eyes, ears and senses our actions become a performance and a piece comes to life. With your support and by your enthusiasm for our project, we can venture this journey and throw ourselves against wind and weather, moisture and street dirt. We are looking forward to meetings of the special kind in the public space! A part of the project has already been financed and now we need you to make it happen! THANK YOU for coming along!

What will your contribution be used for?

For the acquisition of protective clothing for our bodies and safety- and working materials, such as ropes, wet suits and security equipment to safely reach higher areas. Furthermore, a portion in our fees that will allow us to completely devote ourselves to ’downhill downriver downtown’ during the production period this summer. And last but not least for good quality food, prepared by our chef cook.

Try us!

We do a teaser-downtown-tour already on 9 & 10 of May in Zürich tanzt 2015: downtown – Zürich 11:00-13:00 starting point Hauptbahnhof – hall, end point Ehgraben at Schifflände 30/32


  • Schlieren,, along the Limmat till Zürich
  • 29 & 30 of Aug. 2015 downriver
  • 5 & 6 of Sept. 2015 downhill
  • 26 & 27 of Sept. 2015 downtown
  • 12 & 13 of Sept. 2015 in Young ID Tanzfestival Zug