Draw me a swallow!

by Teenergy


As an example of an urbanized nature, the house martins in Clarens, a threatened specie, is challenged by the transformation of an abandoned derelict land into an architectural project.

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Concluded on 2/7/2015

About the project

House martins are on the red list. In our cities, their living space decreases more and more. A movie to demonstrate how various trades join forces to save the swallows during an architectural transformation.

To reveal the house martins, but also the transformation of a derelict land into a new modern assignment while respecting and protecting the nature, here is the challenge Teenergy’s cameras will take by giving a voice to the various trades and to the swallows during their stay on the spot, from April to September and by following the transformation of the building.

«Who are these swallows? What attracts them to Clarens? How do they live and what do they need during and after the transformation? How to cohabit with them?» These are some of the questions that the 13 minutes film will try to answer. Click here for more informations!

Why wemakeit?

Many of you love these amazing birds and «wemakeit» allows us to let you know about our movie project.

How the money will be invested?

Thanks to your contribution, we will:

  • Film the swallows before the transformation of the building
  • Buy equipment
  • Pay the Staff
  • Create the first chapter: «Life of the swallows in a derelict land»
  • Supplement the financing that has been already found
  • 10% of the financing goes to wemakeit

The team

For 20 years, Teenergy has made films on many topics: society, health, education and environment. In 2014, «Draw me a Narcissus! «, this year it’s all about the swallows. The forest and many more topics on the Swiss environmental legacy are coming soon.

To watch our productions, clic here!

The swallows and Teenergy thank you for your support!

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About the rewards

Every donator will be invited for the Preview in Teenergy’s studios and will get a personalized thank you letter, and a monthly newsletter.