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by B-Engelchen 00


Hii, I’m Jeannine and I haven’t had it easy in the last few years. Corona did not simplify the situation. I want to get my dream car to experience positive things and get out of the hole.

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A short summary of my life and what this vehicle means to me.

My parents separated when I was little, that’s when my problems started. I was in a foster family, that time was really hard, I was forced to eat. When I was allowed to go back to my mother it didn’t get any better, I couldn’t eat and hid in the room. We moved often, so I never really had friends anywhere. The more I immersed myself in the car scene and was in love with these beautiful metal boxes.

The films of my idol Paul Walker accompanied me the whole time. Fast and the Furious is my world and opened the door to the car community for me, where I found a new family.

I had to stop my apprenticeship and needed time for myself. After taking care of my health, the next low came; «The Corona Crisis». I tried to get a part-time job and tried to continue my apprenticeship. But over time I lost energy and motivation, I fell into a hole again and dream of my childhood dream every day. In honor of Paul Walker, I would like to pray for you to support me in this dream.

This wonderful vehicle would be an investment in my future and would put me back into this crazy world with more confidence.

What this project means to me and why

This project is very important to me as it is an investment in my future. These vehicles are no longer manufactured, so the value of this Subaru among collectors is increasing. This is currently over 70,000.- and is steadily increasing.

This vehicle is very important to me because I was fascinated and captivated by Paul Walker. He is my idol and has given me strength in recent years. When he died, I closed up again. But when I got to know the auto community, I saw what the world had to offer.

My childhood dream opens new doors for me and I hope that the vehicle will make me a full member of the community.

For this I need your support

The Subaru Impreza WRX STI is my dream car, I’ve dreamed of this vehicle since I was not a small child. It gives me strength and self-confidence, I find it difficult to make social contacts. Through the Subaru Impreza WRX STI, people approach me and open up new doors and worlds for me. I find it easier to make contact when people approach me.

They support my social skills, my childhood dream and invest in my future.

I hope you will help me to fulfill my childhood dream and make this vehicle possible for me.

In honor of Paul Walker my idol.