DROPINA is a Red Tent, which will serve as a space for meeting, meditation, retreat and for feeling good. FORMALLY DROPINA wants to represent a DROP at the moment of its impact on the earth.

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A Red Tent in the shape of a drop

The DROPINA is intended to provide comfortable space for about 20 people - for events, meetings, meditation. As a space of security and care, the DROPINA is conceived as the central space of the annual festival of femininity of Salon13.

Already when we founded the association in 2020, the VISION of our own Red Tent attracted us five initiators.

Together with meanwhile 10 active and about 30 passive members, we have since been walking conscious and mindful paths with our effort to bring healthy femininity into focus. The lived circle structure underlies our heartfelt work of reviving the FEMALE aspects in all people, celebrating life transitions and building an unrivaled network.

Since tOmi Scheiderbauer crossed the path of Salon13, we have been working on the vision of the Red Tent with a lot of upwind.

Now, with your help, we are making this vision a reality.

Support us and become a co-creator of DROPINA!

FORMALLY DROPINA wants to represent a DROP at the moment of its impact on the earth.

Its COLOR is RED, the MATERIAL for the protective, water- and windproof cover is balloon silk, the STRUCTURE consists of fiberglass rods and aluminum sleeves, the BIG FLOOR DISC is made of wood.

The prototype was designed a good 20 years ago by Teresa Alonso Novo and tOmi Scheiderbauer as the DROPONE for the FONDAZIONE PISTOLETTO in Italy, and, as in the case of the DROPINA now, brought to technical maturity with the architect marCo Koeppel. DROPINA is thus the «red sister» of the DROPONE.

Tent of security and care, and space for contemplation

Since time immemorial, women, in practically all cultures, have retreated during their «red phase», which was considered particularly inspiring and creative, in order to gather and reorient themselves for the coming cycle of life. For this purpose, there was a special, protected and ritual space -a kind of menstrual oasis.

Salon13, the association that stands for consciously lived femininity, promotes cyclical consciousness and advocates a new togetherness, which celebrates FEMINITY in men and women, is given such a space with DROPINA.

DROPINA is an easy to assemble and transport tent system as a mobile retreat and experience space, a silent as well as dynamic meeting space.

DROPINA, the large (blood) drop tent testifies to vitality and a celestial relationship that represents serenity and determination in equal measure. The drop that overflows the barrel of superficiality and forgetfulness, and wants to revive the culture of the welcomed and consciously experienced cycle, turns from a metaphor into a real, lived space.

For this we need YOUR support

With your contribution we will finance the material still needed, as well as the work of the seamstresses, who will cut the large lengths of fabric with special machines in a factory hall and finally sew them together.