instrumental version of «Let down the rain» that’ll be on the album

video from our last live concert with Dennis Bovell

What are you supporting?

«Step by step» is Spahni’s Dub Dancers’ 4th Album, and presents original compositions, as well as 1 cover-version from british pop band «Madness». Dub Dancers propose new material, in the elegant tradition of jamaican pioneers «The Skatalites»

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Why support us?

The activities of a 9 piece band are very expensive to support, and since the sales of music went down, we need you to ensure financing the production of our music. Appart from cultural subventions (that tend to shrink year by year) the only way to gather some funds is by asking your kind support, dear family, friends, fans….

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What exchange?

A part from helping produce some original, non-mainstream–formatted music, please refer to our «conterparts» section to find out which reward would fit you best…Would you enjoy a private concert? Maybe you’d like to be a VIP guest at one of our gigs? Or perhaps you’d like to produce some brand new song for your personnal and exclusive use? Become co-producer of our next album and enjoy these exclusive rewards…

live video from «what is wrong with you?» feat. Phil Santschi, which will be on «step by step» album