What is it?

«Duet for Two Dancers» is a choreographic piece by Tabea Martin. It takes a look at the anxiety of not living up to your own expectations, or those which your profession or society in general impose on you. A look at the fear of losing yourself. And at what remains when all skills disappear. The freedom to choose different professions and identities is often a reason for insecurity and doubt. The overload of choices creates a kind of stagnation. The inability to choose forces the body to rest. In that way «Duet for Two Dancers» poses questions about «being a dancer» as well as «not being a dancer».​​

  • Choreography / Concept : Tabea Martin
  • Dancers: Christian Guerematchi, Gaetano Badalamenti or Ryan Djojokarso, Stefan Baier
  • Music: Igor Stravinsky
  • Photography: Leo van Velzen
  • Video: Paul Sixta​
  • Thanks to: Amy Gale, Conny Janssen, Matthias Mooij, Pol Bierhoff
  • Production: Kilim Production
  • Coproduction: Dansateliers & Conny Janssen Danst

Why you should back this project?

We are invited to perform in several festivals that cannot pay for the fees. We are really willing to share this piece with the greater number of audience. That’s why we need your support!