Bringing colour to the classical guitar !

Our program is something different. We mix traditional classics from Spain with Irish folk-song, and a selection of rarely-heard works. We play pieces that explore all the colours and capabilites of our wonderful instrument. We take you on a journey, through spacious Australian landscapes, to war-ravaged Balkan states, from the dry Iberian summer to the crunch of Swedish snow.

The music we have selected shows the classical guitar to be an instrument that transcends individual attitudes and cultures. Without compromise, it will thrill and mesmerise any lover of good music.

We’d like to record our program !

The demand at concerts for CDs of our program is enourmous, but unfortunately our wallets are not quite so substantial. Furthermore, if we’re going to burn our program to CD, then it should be of a suitable quality. To record in our living-room or a mediocre, budget studio is out of the question.

What we’ll do with your money?

The London-base sound technician John Taylor specialises in recordings of the classical guitar. He is one of the best technicians in the world, and we’d like to record with him. Apart from his fees, most of our costs will be taken up with travel to and from England, church hire, accommodation, the design for the CD cover and booklet, payment of copyright for composers, CD printing, and of course the campagne itself (including website fees, marketing and postage).

But with your help, we’ll make it!

Of course you can expect to get something back for your support. Take your pick out of the options on the right. We can’t wait to find out what exciting rewards you’ll choose! (A signed copy of the CD is of course included with all rewards of 150 € and above.)

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