Recording and production of our Debut-CD «Duo Arnicans» with music by F. Chopin and E. von Dohnanyi for cello and piano!

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About our project

Music is our passion and so is our wish to find a beautiful but less known repertoire and bring it to the demanding audience. The first DUO Arnicans album represents such a piece – Sonata in B flat Major by E. von Dohnanyi! But also compositions by F. Chopin, a composer mostly known for his piano music, have become an important part of our repertoire. Chopin’s way of representing the cello is just as sincere as the piano, his favourite instrument!

Our recording took place at the Zurich Radio Studio in December 2014 and will be produced by Solo Musica Label already next month: August! Thanks to a few generous supporters and self-investment we were able to cover about 40% of the recording and production costs. A large amount (10’020 Swiss Francs) is still pending and your support would allow us to proceed with our project without any delay!

We would be happy to thank you for your support by posting our CD to your home!

Our team

  • Arta Arnicane – piano
  • Florian Arnicans – cello
  • Andreas Werner – Recording Engineer
  • Hubert Haas – Executive Solo Musica Producer


Interested? Listen to the CD samples now!


About us

The Duo Arnicans comprises Florian Arnicans, whose roots are in Germany, and Arta Arnicane, who was born in Latvia. They found each other through music and now live together in Zurich.

The Duo has performed in numerous concerts and recitals at home and abroad. The first international concert tour took place in the autumn of 2014, when they had great success in Scotland, England (London) and Latvia (Riga).

The debut album of Duo Arnicans will be released by Solo Musica Label in August 2015 and presents an emotionally charged program reflecting the personalities of the two artists. The Chopin waltz on this CD has special meaning for Florian and his wife. Arranged by Arta for cello and piano, it was performed by close friends as the couple’s personal wedding waltz in August 2014.

Souvenirs from the recording session at the SRF Zürich, December 2014 with Andreas Werner.

Your support will enable us to cover the following expenses

  • Studio rent
  • CD recording and editing costs

Mit Ihrer Unterstützung werden finanziert

  • Studiomiete SRF Zürich
  • Aufnahmeleitung und CD Mastering